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Perceptive Content (ImageNow): Create a Connection Profile

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At least one connection profile is required for the Perceptive Content Client to determine the connection settings when connecting to the Perceptive Content servers. This profile is automatically generated when installing the Perceptive Content Client. If you already have a profile named UWECProd listed, you do not need to create another one. If you do need a UWECProd connection profile, please create it by following these steps:

  1. Open the Perceptive Content Client.
  2. Click the Connection Profiles tab.
  3. Click Edit connection profiles.
    Edit Connection Profiles
  4. Click Create.
  5. Type/Select the following information in the New Connection Profile window:
    Name: UWECProd
    Server ID:
    Server Type: Production
    Port Number: 6000
    New Connection Profile
  6. Click OK to close the New Connection Profile window.
  7. Click OK to close the Connection Profiles window.
    Close Connection Profiles
    NOTE: The connection profile information for a particular user is stored in the imagenow.ini file located in the C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Roaming\ImageNow\ folder.
  8. Log in using your University username and password to verify the connection profile is working.
  9. You will need to confirm your identity with DUO. If you are unsure of how to login to Perceptive with DUO, please see this article for how to login with DUO:

    NOTE: If you are not successfully logged in to Perceptive Content at this point, please contact the LTS Help Desk at or 715-836-5711.