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Guide to the Wisconsin Extension Homemakers Council: The Impact of Her Spirit Oral History Project, 1983-1989

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Wisconsin Extension Homemakers Council: The Impact of Her Spirit Oral History Project, 1983-1989

Summary Information

Title: Wisconsin Extension Homemakers Council: The Impact of Her Spirit Oral History Project
Inclusive Dates: 1983-1989

Creator: Wisconsin Extension Homemakers Council

Call Number: Eau Claire Mss BR; Green Bay Mss 123; La Crosse Mss BS; Milwaukee Mss 129; Northland Mss K; Oshkosh Mss CD; Parkside Mss 73; Platteville Mss AS; River Falls Mss DZ; Stevens Point Mss AW; Stout Mss 17; Superior Mss Q; Whitewater Mss BN; Audio 1528A; M90-325

Quantity: 3.4 c.f. (13 archives boxes); plus additions of 1.8 c.f., 0.6 c.f of photographs and transparencies, and 173 tape recordings (M90-325 located at the Wisconsin Historical Society in Madison)

This collection is managed jointly by the Wisconsin Historical Society, Library-Archives Division, the Ashland Area Research Center, the Eau Claire Area Research Center, the Green Bay Area Research Center, the La Crosse Area Research Center, the Milwaukee Area Research Center, the Oshkosh Area Research Center, the Parkside Area Research Center, the Platteville Area Research Center, the River Falls Area Research Center, the Stevens Point Area Research Center, the Stout Area Research Center, the Superior Area Research Center, and the Whitewater Area Research Center.

Archival Locations:
Wisconsin Historical Society
Northern Great Lakes Visitor Center/Ashland Area Research Ctr.
UW-Eau Claire McIntyre Library/Eau Claire Area Research Ctr.
UW-Green Bay Cofrin Library/Green Bay Area Research Ctr.
UW-La Crosse Murphy Library/La Crosse Area Research Ctr.
UW-Milwaukee Libraries, Archives/Milwaukee Area Research Ctr.
UW-Oshkosh Polk Library/Oshkosh Area Research Ctr.
UW-Parkside Library/Parkside Area Research Ctr.
UW-Platteville Karrmann Library/Platteville Area Research Ctr.
UW-River Falls, Chalmer Davee Library/River Falls Area Research Ctr.
UW-Stevens Point Library/Stevens Point Area Research Ctr.
UW-Stout Library Learning Ctr./Stout Area Research Ctr.
UW-Superior Jim Dan Hill Library/Superior Area Research Ctr.
UW-Whitewater Library/Whitewater Area Research Ctr.

An oral history project undertaken by members of the Wisconsin Extension Homemakers Council (WEHC) as a celebration of the organization's 50th anniversary, focusing on the life stories of Wisconsin homemakers and on the influence of the WEHC in their lives. Included are tape-recorded interviews, transcripts, a published guide to the project, a copy of Taste Wisconsin History (a cookbook derived from the project), photographs, a copy of a slide/tape show with accompanying script, publicity materials, and discussion guide; and a script for a play based on the oral histories.

Language: English

Search Terms

Subject Terms

o Agriculture—Wisconsin
o Home economics extension work—Women
o Housewives—Women
o Rural women—Wisconsin
o Women—Wisconsin—Societies and clubs

Scope and Content Note

A complete set of the transcripts is at the State Historical Society of Wisconsin. A duplicate set of the transcripts has been divided according to the counties of residence of the interviewees and is located at the appropriate area research centers. Also included in the area research center portions are copies of the discussion guides and publicity. A duplicate copy of the slide/tape show was sent to the River Falls, Green Bay, Milwaukee, Stevens Point, and Northland area research centers. The duplicate transcripts are considered part of the collection; the slide/tape show and publications are considered as given to the centers for integration into their campus resources as each sees fit. The slide/tape show was donated with the expectation that it will be allowed to circulate.

The tapes are housed at the State Historical Society of Wisconsin, and are part of accession M90-325. Transcripts are available for all but one interview. A few transcripts do not have accompanying cassettes. The audio cassettes are grouped by county. The transcripts are boxed in alphabetical order according to last name, with some exceptions due to group interviews.

Administrative/Restriction Information
Acquisition Information

Presented by the Wisconsin Extension Homemakers Council via Georgia Hoberg, 1990. Accession Number: M90-325

Processing Information

Processed by Donna Sereda and Ann Hokanson, 1991.

Contents List

Series: Area Research Center Transcripts

Eau Claire Mss BR

Buffalo, Chippewa, Clark, Eau Claire, Rusk and Taylor counties transcripts

Green Bay Mss 123

Brown, Calumet, Door, Florence, Kewaunee, Manitowoc, Marinette, Menominee, Oconto, Outagamie and Shawano counties transcripts
La Crosse Mss BSJackson, La Crosse, Monroe, Trempealeau and Vernon counties transcripts
Milwaukee Mss 129Milwaukee, Ozaukee, Sheboygan, Washington and Waukesha counties transcripts
Northland Mss KAshland, Bayfield, Forest, Iron, Oneida, Price, Sawyer, Vilas and Washburn counties transcripts
Oshkosh Mss CDDodge, Fond du Lac, Green Lake, Marquette and Winnebago counties transcripts
Parkside Mss 73Kenosha and Racine counties transcripts
Platteville Mss ASCrawford, Grant, Green, Iowa, Lafayette and Richland counties transcripts
River Falls Mss DZBurnett, Pierce, Polk and St. Croix counties transcripts
Stevens Point Mss AWAdams, Juneau, Langlade, Lincoln, Marathon, Portage, Waupaca, Waushara and Wood counties transcripts

Stout Mss 17

Barron, Dunn and Pepin counties transcripts
Superior Mss QDouglas county transcripts
Whitewater Mss BNJefferson, Rock and Walworth counties transcripts

Series: Tape Recordings and Transcripts

Audio 1528ATape Recordings
1528A/1Slide/tape show

Ashland County

Kurki, Bertha, 1985 October 19

Barron County
1528A/3Cromley, Anna, 1985 January 29
1528A/4Waterman, Julie, 1985 September 11

Bayfield County
1528A/5Chambers, Augusta, 1985 April 22
1528A/5Harnois, Ruth, 1985 December 10
1528A/6Lindahl, Aili G., 1985 April 27
1528A/7Morey, Elizabeth, 1984 November 14
1528A/8Taipale, Bernice, 1986 January 13

Brown County
1528A/9-10Klug, Barbara, 1988 January 28
1528A/11-12Verhaagh, Katherine, 1986 August 20

Burnett County
1528A/13Peck, Helen

Calumet County
1528A/14Degeneffe, Patranella, 1986 November 21
1528A/15Gerner, Muriel, 1985 May 1
1528A/16Sattler, Diane, 1985 May 28

Chippewa County
1528A/17Bachellor, Gwen Malum, 1985 August
1528A/18Gingras, Sachiko, 1987 April 29
1528A/21King, Margaret L., 1987 March 10
1528A/19Korn, Ruth, 1987 March 13
1528A/20-21Smiley, Fran, 1987 April 29

Clark County
1528A/23Bobrofsky, Judith, 1985 May 8
1528A/24Bobrofsky, Thomas, 1985 May 8
1528A/25Stang, Leslie, 1986 February 4

Columbia County
1528A/26Gutzman, Mabel, 1985 September 24
1528A/27Link, Nora Mae, 1985 September 30
1528A/27Minnema, Mary, 1985 October 3
1528A/28Trenary, Katherine, 1985 November 11

Crawford County
1528A/29Becwar, Janell, 1985 March 3

Dane County
1528A/30Baumann, Isabel H., 1985 January 28

Door County
1528A/31Birdsall, Marion, 1985 November 11

Birnschein, Patty
1528A/321985 November 11
1528A/331987 May 26
1528A/34Erickson, Mirian, 1985 November 4
1528A/35-36Hilbert, Betty, 1987 April 10
1528A/37Reinhard, Glenna, 1984 November 8
1528A/38Smith, Gladys, 1987 July 15

Douglas County
1528A/39Dahlberg, Wanda, 1985 November 22
1528A/40Holterman, Joyce, 1986 September 2
1528A/41McConnell, Elizabeth J., 1985 June 22
1528A/42Saari, Aleda, 1984 December 4

Dunn County
1528A/43Lausted, Celia, 1981 September 1
1528A/44Vennes, Laura, 1986 March 31

Eau Claire County
1528A/45Bullis, Thelma, 1985 April
1528A/46Garrison, Shari, 1986 March 19
1528A/47Michaud, Margaret, 1985 July
1528A/48Parker, Irene, 1986 October

Fond du Lac County
1528A/49Burkholder, Virginia, 1985 February 8

Grant County
1528A/50-51Edge, Inga, 1986 February 9
1528A/50-51Gratz, Barbara, 1986 February 9
1528A/50-51Howell, Verda, 1986 February 9
1528A/50-51Huntington, Blanche, 1986 February 9
1528A/50-51Jentz, Rebecca, 1986 February 9
1528A/50-51Johnson, June, 1986 February 9
1528A/50-51Riley, Evelyn, 1986 February 9

Green County
1528A/52Ammann, Thelma
1528A/53Chesebro, Dorothy (Note: No transcript.)
1528A/54Leuenberger, Ida
1528A/55Schiesser, Elda

Green Lake County
1528A/56Berger, Lillian

Hill, Betty
1528A/571984 November 19
1528A/581985 March 20
1528A/59Janes, Agnes, 1985 February 5
1528A/60Kahl, Bernice, 1986 May 19
1528A/61Kiener, Kenlyn, 1985 January 7

Lawler, Margaret
1528A/621985 February 28
1528A/631985 March 14
1528A/64Ruff, Gwen, 1985 October 2
1528A/65Wyse, Mary, 1985 February 21

Iowa County
1528A/66Clifton, Lois Jean, 1986 August 22
1528A/67Johnsen, Martha, 1986 September 18

Iron County
1528A/68Corrigan, Lillian, 1985 January 19
1528A/70Fafford, Leda, 1985 January 28
1528A/69-70Hoffren, Marjorie, 1985 October 7
1528A/69-70Innes, Barbara, 1985 October 7

Jackson County
1528A/71Epstein, Elisabeth (Betty), 1985 April

Kenosha County
1528A/72Biehn, Trudi, 1985 May 22
1528A/73Dehne, Ruth C., 1985 January 27
1528A/74Jaeger, Charlotte C., 1986 February 24
1528A/74Thomas, Lucille M., 1985 October 28

Zirbel, Marylln M., 1985 February 18

Kewaunee County
1528A/77Bosdech, Blanche, 1985 March
1528A/76Cherovsky, Pauline, 1985 February
1528A/78Dembinski, Leona, 1985 March 11
1528A/77Gruendemann, Ruth, 1985 March
1528A/77Herrmann, Josephine, 1985 March
1528A/79Hoverson, Effie, 1985 March 13
1528A/78Janowski, Sophia, 1985 March 11
1528A/77Kirchman, Joyce, 1985 March
1528A/76Kuehl, Lorna, 1985 February
1528A/79Laskowski, Marie, 1985 March 13
1528A/76Mach, Caroline, 1985 February
1528A/78Ratajczak, Gladys, 1985 March 11
1528A/78Schlies, Lucy, 1985 March 11
1528A/79Schultz, Jeannette, 1985 March 13
1528A/79Steinburger, Diane, 1985 March 13
1528A/77Viste, Ruth, 1985 March
1528A/77Wheeler, Joni, 1985 March
1528A/77Wolske, Judith, 1985 March

La Crosse County
1528A/80Halverson, Leilah, 1985 May 3
1528A/82Hulberg, Helen, 1985 June
1528A/82Knudsen, Effie, 1985 June
1528A/83Nuttleman, Alice, 1985 May 7
1528A/84Rhyme, Florence, 1986 March
1528A/84Roberts, Elsie, 1986 March

Lafayette County
1528A/81Hillery, Marybelle, 1985 February 23
1528A/81Stevenson, Carolyn, 1985 February 23

Lincoln County
1528A/85Eaton, Marie, 1985 September 10
1528A/86Hass, Grace, 1985 August 23
1528A/87Kolka, Ann E., 1986 January 30
1528A/88Leino, Grace, 1986 January 30
1528A/88Meyer, Irene, 1986 January 30

Manitowoc County
1528A/89Beyer, Ruth, 1985 November 14
1528A/90Brandl, Doris, 1986 January 8
1528A/91Schwake, Ora, 1985 January 14

Marathon County
1528A/92Bhend, Marilyn
1528A/22Blaha, Vlasta, 1986 February 5
1528A/93David, Florence, 1985 November 2
1528A/94Gliniecki, Mae, 1986 April 10
1528A/94Jorgenson, Lois, 1986 April 10
1528A/95Kadonsky, Elizabeth (Betty), 1986 April 10
1528A/96Plisch, Christine, 1985 May 14
1528A/97Rankl, Ethel, 1985 May 13
1528A/98Reinhardt, Esther, 1985 May 13
1528A/99Wahl, Laura, 1986 April 10

Marquette County
1528A/30McDowell, Ardith, 1985 January 28

Milwaukee County
1528A/100Drakos, Pat, 1985 January 27
1528A/101Schmidt, Verna, 1985 May
1528A/101Wszalek, Jackie, 1985 May

Monroe County
1528A/102Fauska, Marion, 1986 March 17
1528A/103Flaig, Mae, 1986 February 26
1528A/104Kenyon, Delores, 1986 February 26
1528A/105O'Rourke, Margaret, 1986 May 28

Oconto County
1528A/106Buseman, Sally, 1986 April 15
1528A/107O'Harrow, Audrey, 1986 April 15
1528A/108Quirt, Emmy, 1986 April 18

Outagamie County
1528A/109Culbertson, Marjorie, 1986 January 14
1528A/110Ohm, Leonora, 1986 March 2
1528A/111Schaefer, Georgia, 1986 May 1
1528A/112Sherman, Edna, 1986 March 26
1528A/113Steiner, Diane, 1985 January 22
1528A/114Werner, Eleanor, 1986 May 2

Ozaukee County
1528A/115Clasen, Wilma, 1989 July 26
1528A/116Hahm, Virginia M., 1989 July 26
1528A/117Pipkorn, Betty, 1987 January 11

Pepin County
1528A/118Weiss, Evelyn, 1985 June 20

Pierce County
1528A/119Christenson, Beatrice, 1985 September 28
1528A/120Emerson, Becky L., 1985 September 25
1528A/121Hoberg, Georgia, 1985 August 26
1528A/122-124Pechacek, Marian, 1985 May 7
1528A/125Storm, Lucille, 1987 March 1

Polk County
1528A/126Johnson, Norma Larson, 1984 November 29

Portage County
1528A/127Ekelin, Ruth, 1987 April 10
1528A/127Hopkins, Flora, 1987 April 10
1528A/128Sannes, Henrietta, 1987 October 26

Richland County
1528A/129Marshall, Emma, 1986 May 5
1528A/130Tydrich, Sheila Rae, 1986 March 4
1528A/131Wallace, Hazel, 1986 February 27
1528A/130Wilson, John W., 1986 May 1

Rock County
1528A/132-135Hargraves, Priscilla Jane Damrow, 1987 January 11
1528A/136Laube, Granada, 1985 March 18
1528A/137Mohns, Margaret, 1985 September 11

Rusk County
1528A/138Dean, Helen, 1987 June 3
1528A/138Knutson, Lois, 1987 June 3

Sauk County
1528A/141Anderson, Carol, 1986 August 19
1528A/142Anderson, Van, 1985 May 30

Sawyer County
1528A/143Tousley, Betty, 1985 August 10

Shawano County
1528A/145Habeck, Leone, 1985 April 2
1528A/146Hacker, Alice, 1986 June 24
1528A/147Schreiber, Effie, 1985 April 9
1528A/148Westphal, Martha, 1985 May 23

Sheboygan County
1528A/144Allmann, Lina M., 1986 September 19
1528A/149Hesselink, Barbara, 1986 September 5

St. Croix County
1528A/139Bergman, Lucille, 1985 January 30
1528A/140Sarinske, Evelyn, 1985 March 18

Taylor County
1528A/150Daglvig, Ione, 1987 July 10
1528A/151McCarron, Ethel, 1985 November 15

Vernon County
1528A/152Bassett, Helen, 1986 March 18
1528A/153Dach, Joanne, 1986 June 20
1528A/152Dobbs, Dott, 1986 March 18
1528A/154Nixon, Josephine, 1982 May 17

Walworth County
1528A/155Bray, Betty, 1986 March 4
1528A/155Guthrie, Eileen, 1986 March 4
1528A/156Nelson, Helen, 1986 January 29
1528A/157Schmaling, Kathryn, 1986 January 29
1528A/158Vander Veen, Mary, 1984 December 5

Washburn County
1528A/159Anderson, Norma L., 1985 May 23
1528A/160Brown, Opal, 1986 July 22
1528A/161Hubin, Ferne, 1986 May 21
1528A/162Toftness, Hulda, 1986 May 21

Washington County
1528A/165Degnitz, Minnie, 1985 April 24
1528A/163Esselman, Helen, 1985 April 24
1528A/166Garty, Judy, 1985 May 30

Held, Isabelle, 1985 April 10

1528A/165Trester, Marge, 1985 April 24
1528A/166Vivian, Janice, 1985 June 5
1528A/164Weber, Bernice, 1987 April 17

Waushara County
1528A/167Sennholz, Barbara, 1987 April 3
1528A/168VanLoon, Jean, 1987 April 3

Winnebago County
1528A/169Barthels, Lorraine, 1986 February 25
1528A/170Beck, Jane, 1986 January 24
1528A/170Spiegelberg, Leola, 1986 January 24
1528A/171Wuest, Kathleen, 1985 January 22

Wood County
1528A/172Blonien, Lillian, 1982 February 8
1528A/173Gatz, Hannah, 1987 March
Box 1, Folder 1Discussion guide
Box 1, Folder 2Project guide
Box 1, Folder 3Publicity materials
Box 1, Folder 4Slide/tape show script
Box 1, Folder 5Taste Wisconsin History script
Box 1, Folder 6Taste Wisconsin History: Oral History Cookbook Reader, 1987
Box 6, Folder 11Extra publicity materials and discussion guides
Box 6 Folder 12Extra slide/tape show script
Box 1, Folder 7Lina M. Allmann
Box 1, Folder 8Thelma Ammann
Box 1, Folder 9Carol Anderson
Box 1, Folder 10Norma L. Anderson
Box 1, Folder 11Van Anderson
Box 1, Folder 12Gwen Malum Bachellor
Box 1, Folder 13Lorraine Barthels
Box 1, Folder 14Helen Bassett
Box 1 Folder 15Adeline Bauer, Evelyn Parma, Judith Rabas, Anita Schuller, Mary Taylor
Box 1, Folder 16Isabel H. Baumann
Box 1, Folder 17Jane Beck
Box 1, Folder 18Janell Becwar
Box 1, Folder 19Lillian Berger
Box 1, Folder 20Lucille Bergman
Box 1, Folder 21Ruth Beyer
Box 1, Folder 22Marilyn Behnd
Box 1, Folder 23Trudi Biehn
Box 1, Folder 24Marion Birdsall
Box 1, Folder 25Patty Birnschein
Box 1, Folder 26Vlasta Blaha
Box 1, Folder 27Lillian Blonien
Box 1, Folder 28Judith Bobrofsky
Box 1, Folder 29Thomas Bobrofsky
Box 1, Folder 30Blanche Bosdech, Ruth Gruendemann, Josephine Herrmann, Joyce Kirchman, Ruth Viste, Joni Wheeler, Judith Wolski
Box 1, Folder 31Doris Brandl
Box 1, Folder 32Opal Brown
Box 1, Folder 33Thelma Bullis
Box 1, Folder 34Virginia Burkholder
Box 1, Folder 35Sally Buseman
Box 1, Folder 36Augusta Chambers
Box 1, Folder 37Pauline Cherovsky
Box 2, Folder 1Beatrice Christenson (Pierce)
Box 2, Folder 2Wilma Clasen
Box 2, Folder 3Lois Jean Clifton
Box 2, Folder 4Lillian Corrigan
Box 2, Folder 5Anna Cromley
Box 2, Folder 6Marjorie Culbertson
Box 2, Folder 7Joanne Dach
Box 2, Folder 8Wanda Dahlberg
Box 2, Folder 9Ione Dahlvig
Box 2, Folder 10Florence David
Box 2, Folder 11Patranella Degeneffe
Box 2, Folder 12Minnie Degnitz
Box 2 Folder 13Ruth C. Dehne
Box 2, Folder 14Dott Dobbs
Box 2, Folder 15Pat Drakos
Box 2, Folder 16Marie Eaton
Box 2, Folder 17Inga Edge, Barbara Gratz, Verda Howell, Blanche Huntington, Rebecca Jentz, June Johnson
Box 2, Folder 18Ruth Ekelin, Flora Hopkins
Box 2, Folder 19Becky L. Emerson
Box 2, Folder 20Elisabeth Epstein
Box 2, Folder 21Miriam Erickson
Box 2, Folder 22Helen Esselman
Box 2, Folder 23Leda Fafford
Box 2, Folder 24Marion Fauska
Box 2, Folder 25Marie Fetterly
Box 2, Folder 26Mae Flaig
Box 2, Folder 27Karen Ann Flees, Agnes Hegber
Box 2, Folder 28Shari Garrison
Box 2, Folder 29Judy Garty
Box 2, Folder 30Hannah Gatz
Box 2, Folder 31Muriel Gerner
Box 2, Folder 32Sachiko Gingras
Box 2, Folder 33Mae Gliniecki, Lois Jorgenson
Box 2, Folder 34Eileen Guthrie, Betty Bray
Box 3, Folder 1Mabel Gutzman
Box 3, Folder 2Leone Habeck
Box 3, Folder 3Alice Hacker
Box 3, Folder 4Virginia M. Hahm
Box 3, Folder 5Leilah Halverson
Box 3, Folder 6Georgianna Hamilton
Box 3, Folder 7Priscilla Jane Damrow Hargraves
Box 3, Folder 8Ruth Harnois
Box 3, Folder 9Grace Hass
Box 3, Folder 10Isabelle Held
Box 3, Folder 11Barbara Hesselink
Box 3, Folder 12Betty Hilbert
Box 3, Folder 13Betty Hill
Box 3, Folder 14Marybelle Hillery
Box 3, Folder 15Georgia Hoberg
Box 3, Folder 16Joyce Holterman
Box 3, Folder 17Effie Hoverson, Marie Laskowski, Jeannette Schultz, Diane Steinburger
Box 3, Folder 18Ferne Hubin
Box 3, Folder 19Barbara Innes, Marforie Hoffren
Box 3, Folder 20Charlotte C. Jaeger
Box 3, Folder 21Agnes Janes
Box 3, Folder 22Martha Johnsen
Box 3, Folder 23Norma Larson Johnson
Box 3, Folder 24Elizabeth Kadonsky
Box 3, Folder 25Bernice Kahl
Box 3, Folder 26Ella Kell
Box 3, Folder 27Delores Kenyon
Box 3, Folder 28Kenlyn Kiener
Box 3, Folder 29Margaret L. King
Box 3, Folder 30Barbara Klug
Box 3, Folder 31Effie Knudsen, Helen Hulberg
Box 4, Folder 1Lois Knutson, Helen Dean
Box 4, Folder 2Ann E. Kolka
Box 4, Folder 3Cel Konyn
Box 4, Folder 4Ruth Korn
Box 4, Folder 5Lorna Kuehl
Box 4, Folder 6Bertha Kurki
Box 4, Folder 7Granada Laube
Box 4, Folder 8Celia Lausted
Box 4, Folder 9Margaret Lawler
Box 4, Folder 10Grace Leino, Irene Meyer
Box 4, Folder 11Ida Leuenberger
Box 4, Folder 12Aili G. Lindahl
Box 4, Folder 13Nora Mae Link
Box 4, Folder 14Caroline Mach
Box 4, Folder 15Emma Marshall
Box 4, Folder 16Ethel McCarron
Box 4, Folder 17Elizabeth J. McConnell
Box 4, Folder 18Ardith McDowell
Box 4, Folder 19Don McDowell
Box 4, Folder 20Margaret Michaud
Box 4, Folder 21Mary Minnema
Box 4, Folder 22Margaret Mohns
Box 4, Folder 23Elizabeth Morey
Box 4, Folder 24Helen Nelson
Box 4, Folder 25Josephine Nixon
Box 4, Folder 26Alice Nuttleman
Box 4, Folder 27Audrey O'Harrow
Box 4, Folder 29Leonora Ohm
Box 4, Folder 28Margaret O'Rourke
Box 4, Folder 30Irene Parker
Box 4 Folder 31Marian Pechacek
Box 4, Folder 32Helen Peck
Box 4 Folder 33Betty Pipkorn
Box 5, Folder 1Christine Plisch (Marathon)
Box 5, Folder 2Emmy Quirt
Box 5, Folder 3Ethel Rankl
Box 5, Folder 4Gladys Ratajczak, Leona Dembinski, Sophia Janowski, Lucy Schlies
Box 5, Folder 40Glenna Reinhard
Box 5, Folder 5Esther Reinhardt
Box 5, Folder 6Elsie Roberts, Florence Rhyme
Box 5, Folder 7Gwen Ruff
Box 5, Folder 8Henrietta Sannes
Box 5, Folder 9Aleda Saari
Box 5, Folder 10Evelyn Sarinske
Box 5, Folder 11Diane Sattler
Box 5, Folder 12Georgia Schaefer
Box 5 Folder 13Elda Schiesser
Box 5, Folder 14Kathryn Schmaling
Box 5, Folder 15Verna Schmidt, Jackie Wszalek
Box 5, Folder 16Effie Schreiber
Box 5, Folder 17Ora Schwake
Box 5, Folder 18Barbara Sennholz
Box 5, Folder 19Edna Sherman
Box 5, Folder 20Fran Smiley
Box 5, Folder 21Gladys Smith
Box 5, Folder 22Leola Spiegelberg
Box 5, Folder 23Leslie Stang
Box 5, Folder 24Diane Steiner
Box 5, Folder 25Carolyn Stevenson
Box 5, Folder 26Lucille Storm
Box 5, Folder 27Bernice Taipale
Box 5, Folder 28Lucille M. Thomas
Box 5, Folder 29Hulda Toftness
Box 5, Folder 30Betty Tousley
Box 5, Folder 31Katherine Trenary
Box 5, Folder 32Marge Trester
Box 5, Folder 33Shelia Rae Tydrich
Box 5, Folder 34Jean VanLoon
Box 5, Folder 35Mary Vander Veen
Box 5, Folder 36Laura Vennes
Box 5, Folder 37Katherine Verhaagh
Box 5, Folder 38Janice Vivian
Box 5, Folder 39Laura Wahl
Box 6, Folder 1Hazel Wallace
Box 6, Folder 2Julie Waterman
Box 6, Folder 3Bernice Weber
Box 6, Folder 4Evelyn Weiss
Box 6, Folder 5Eleanor Werner
Box 6, Folder 6Martha Westphal
Box 6, Folder 7John W. Wilson
Box 6, Folder 8Kathleen Wuest
Box 6, Folder 9Karen Wyse
Box 6, Folder 10Marylln M. Zirbel
Series: Photographs
Box 7, Folder 1Adams
Box 7, Folder 2Ashland
Box 7, Folder 3Bayfield
Box 7, Folder 4Brown
Box 7, Folder 5Buffalo
Box 7, Folder 6Burnett
Box 7, Folder 7Calumet
Box 7, Folder 8Chippewa
Box 7, Folder 9Dane
Box 7, Folder 10Dodge
Box 7, Folder 11Door
Box 7, Folder 12Douglas
Box 7, Folder 13Dunn
Box 7, Folder 14Eau Claire
Box 7, Folder 15Fond du Lac
Box 7, Folder 16Green
Box 7, Folder 17Green Lake
Box 7, Folder 18Iowa
Box 7, Folder 19Iron
Box 7, Folder 20Jackson
Box 7, Folder 21Jefferson
Box 7, Folder 22Kenosha
Box 7, Folder 23Lafayette
Box 7, Folder 24La Crosse
Box 7, Folder 25Kewaunee
Box 7, Folder 26Marathon
Box 7, Folder 27Marinette
Box 7, Folder 28Monroe
Box 7, Folder 29Oneida
Box 7, Folder 30Outagamie
Box 7, Folder 31Ozankee
Box 7, Folder 32Pierce
Box 7, Folder 33Polk
Box 7, Folder 34Portage
Box 7, Folder 35Rock
Box 7, Folder 36Sauk
Box 7, Folder 37Sawyer
Box 7, Folder 38Sheboygan
Box 7, Folder 39St. Croix
Box 8, Folder 1Walworth
Box 8, Folder 2Washburn
Box 8, Folder 3Waupaca
Box 8, Folder 4Wood
Box 8, Folder 5Miscellaneous
Series: Transparencies
Box 8, Folder 6Impact of her spirit, part 1
Box 8, Folder 7Impact of her spirit, part 2