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CampS: Verifying Contact Information

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Every fall and spring semester students will be required to verify their contact information before they will be allowed to enroll. A hold that prevents registration will clear as soon as the To Do List item has been completed. MyBlugold CampS has your To Do List and also a list of your Holds. Below are the steps to completing the Verify Contact Information To Do List.

Where do I find this in Student Center?

At each step you must click, "Mark As Complete" and then click "Next" to get to the next task.

1. Launch

2. Address

3. Phone

4. Email

5. Emergency Contact

6. Complete

When you've successfully completed each item in the list, a green checkbox icon will appear. When this has been completed the "Verify Contact Information" link will disappear from under the "To Do List".


Please contact Blugold Central with any questions you may have:

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