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MyBlugold CampS (Campus Solutions) is the name of UW-Eau Claire's main student information system. This document contains a list of some new terms you may encounter associated with MyBlugold CampS updates.

Campus Solutions: A comprehensive suite of software specifically designed for the changing needs of higher education institutions. This software is created and marketed by a company named PeopleSoft which is now owned by Oracle.

CampS: Abbreviation for the UW-Eau Claire PeopleSoft Campus Solutions Implementation Project.

CampS Site: Local SharePoint web page containing announcements, documents, calendar, web links, and contact information for the CampS project ( or camps when on campus).

Academic InstitutionA separate college or university.UW-Eau Claire
Academic CareerOrganizes student academic work into single unit/set of statistics.Undergraduate, Graduate
Academic GroupAt a university, typically the schools or colleges that offer courses and academic programs. The highest level breakdown of an institution. Can be used to separate courses for unique reporting needs.College of Arts and Sciences
Academic OrganizationDefines how an institution is organized from an administrative perspective. At the lowest level an Academic Organization may be compared to an Academic Department.Department of Biology
Academic ProgramEntity into which a student applies and graduates from.College of Education and Human Sciences, Undergraduate; College of Business, Graduate
Academic PlanA student's area of study, typically a major, minor, or specialization.Elementary Education (major), Mathematics (minor)
Academic Sub-PlanAn area of specialization linked to a specific Academic Plan. UW-Eau Claire will probably not use sub-plans. A sub-plan must be linked to a plan, so the requirements of the plan are required of all students enrolled in the plan. The sub-plan requirements are in addition to the plan requirements.If Ceramics is a sub-plan of Art and Design, then all Ceramics majors must also complete Art and Design.
Admit TermNumeric codes that represent the term and year to which an applicant anticipates applying (See Term for more information).2081 (Fall 2007)
Bio-Demographic (Bio-Demo) DataBasic information about an individual; including names, addresses, telephone numbers, email addresses, gender, ethnicity, etc.
CampusPhysical and administrative unit with which students and courses may be associated. They belong to a single institution, and use the same course catalog.Main Campus (as of now, UW-Eau Claire has only one)
Campus CommunityConsists of all the people or organizations that have a connection with the University, including applicants, students, faculty, staff, and external organizations such as high schools.
Campus IDThe field used to store the UW-Eau Claire ID number which appears on the Blugold card (also referred to as the Blugold ID)
CourseSpecific offerings with catalog numbers, unit data, components, enrollment requirements and descriptions.English 101
Course IDInternal identification number used in CampS that is auto-assigned for each course. It will be used internally, and can be useful to distinguish a different course when catalog and subject are the same.
ClassAn instance of a Course that is scheduled in a specific term and session. In addition to the term/session, classes are linked to instructor and facility data, meeting and exam schedules. (This combines our idea of Class and Section.)English 101: Topics in Literature on Monday evenings 4-6:45, taught by Professor Johnson
DegreeAwarded to a student upon successful completion of a program.Bachelor of Science (BS)
Effective DatingA means of capturing data over a period of time. A new record is created each time a change is made on that record, so history can be viewed. The effective date is the starting date the information becomes effective. (There is no longer an end date on this type of record.)
EmpllDInternal identification number used in CampS that is auto-assigned when a person is added. (This is a different number than the Campus ID and will rarely be used by people accessing the system.)
Faculty CenterThe place where faculty and advisors will have 24/7 web-based access to their course and student records. This replaces some of the functionality formerly found directly in MyBlugold.
Go-LiveThat moment in time when a new module is first made available online for end-users.Targeted Go-Live for bio-demo data was 8/17/2009
National IDUsed by the software to identify Social Security Number (SSN) for USA, or whatever ID number is used in other countries. People who have citizenship in multiple countries may have more than a single National ID listed.
PageletA small chunk or region of a web page that has a single topic or functionality.
PeopleSoftName of the software company that developed and marketed some enterprise applications designed to address complex business requirements. The company is now owned by Oracle but the PeopleSoft name is still used to identify the software. UW-Eau Claire currently uses the PeopleSoft Shared Financials software (hosted through UW-System) and is implementing PeopleSoft Campus Solutions and PeopleSoft HRS (Human Resources System) software is being configured for hosting at UW-System and usage at all campuses.
Permission NumberA number applied to a course that is restricted in some way; full to capacity, requisites exist, etc. The number is given to a student by the instructor or department chair for the purpose of enrolling in the course.
Recruitment PlusSeparate software used by the Admissions Office to handle recruiting and prospects.
Search MatchPowerful tool used to determine whether a person exists in the database. This will be heavily used to avoid duplicate records. It is NOT the same thing as using a search page.
SessionA subdivision of a Term representing a time period within the term used for offering courses. Every term must have at least one session. Terms may have several sessions.Winterim (This is a session within Fall)
Student CenterThe place where students will have 24/7 web-based access to their student record. This replaces some options accessed directly from MyBlugold.
SubjectSpecific area of instruction within an Academic Organization, tied to an Academic Organization tree and linked to the course catalog. For example: a course identified as English 101 would have English as the subject.English (ENGL)
TermAdministrative time period within which sessions are defined, students are billed, and statistics are accumulated for individual students as well as for the entire school. Different academic careers within a school may have totally different Academic Term structures. Term values are numeric codes, which are sequential in order for sorting and reporting purposes. Within an academic career, the various Term start and end dates may not overlap.

Fall 2007 = 2081
2= first digit of 21st century
08=two-digit fiscal year
3=Winterim (legacy records only)

User Productivity Kit (UPK)Interactive training materials created to familiarize everyone with Campus Solutions

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