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CampS: Changing a Student's Catalog/Requirement Term (Administrative Support)

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  1. Navigate to Records and Enrollment.
  2. Click Career and Program Information.
  3. Click Student Program/Plan.
  4. Make sure the student is currently enrolled before making changes. Status should be Active in Program.
    active in program
  5. Click the Include History button at the bottom.
    NOTE: If you forget to click Include History the plan change will not work.
    include history

  6. Next, click on the + button to create a copy of the student’s current program. Effective date will be today's date.
    NOTE: You cannot make changes to layers with an effective date in the past.
    plus button

  7. Type PLNC in the Program Action field.
    program action

    NOTE: If the student has been reviewed for graduation you will get an error message. If you get this message, email to make the change.
  8. In the Requirement Term field, [NOT the Admit Term field. Do not EVER change the admit term] click on the magnifying glass for a list of available terms. You can also type in the 4 digit code for the term if you are comfortable with PeopleSoft term codes.
  9. Click on the appropriate term.
    search results
  10. Click Save.

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