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Polish your writing

The Center for Writing Excellence offers regular one-week on-campus retreats for faculty and staff to make substantial progress on writing projects. These retreats are the perfect time to start an article, polish a grant proposal, or work through a book manuscript.

During the retreats, the CWE provides a quiet space on campus where you can establish your individual work space and write among other focused, productive faculty. Participants bring all materials needed for their projects (including laptops if they’d like), and spread out for the week at tables in a room that is dedicated to faculty work. This is not an opportunity for research; in fact, we recommend that you turn off your smartphone, disconnect from WiFi, ignore your email, and focus exclusively on writing and revising.

For a brief time each morning, the group will convene and individuals will describe specific goals for that day. We write until lunch and then break to eat and socialize. At the end of the day, participants can reflect on their progress and report to the group. You have access to resources on writing in the CWE including individual consultations with the director, Dr. Jonathan Rylander (who will be writing as well). At the end of the week we’ll take time to report and reflect, and especially to celebrate our accomplishments and devise ways for us to sustain our productivity. All faculty and staff are welcome to the support of the Faculty Writing Support Program.

Contact CWE Director, Dr. Jonathan Rylander, for more information about upcoming retreats.

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