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Find Help at the Center for Writing Excellence

Welcome to the Center for Writing Excellence (CWE)! The CWE, located in multiple locations across campus, provides a comfortable atmosphere for a one-to-one tutoring session with a qualified writing assistant.

Center for Writing Excellence Mission

The Center for Writing Excellence is a university-wide program that supports all writers with their work at any stage in the creative process.

With this mission, the CWE commits to the following four key aspects of its work:

Supporting Student Writers

The CWE remains up-to-date on best practices in mentoring writers across disciplines at all stages of the writing process—from brainstorming, to drafting, revising, editing, and polishing. Students are encouraged to visit at any stage of the writing process to receive one-to-one and group writing advice for classes and personal work.

Advancing Research in Writing Studies

The CWE is committed to advancing research on the teaching and mentoring of writing through participation in national conferences and publications. The CWE internship offers undergraduate students (sophomore and above) extensive opportunities not only to mentor writers, but also to develop their own research projects and participate in national academic conversations, preparing them for success in future graduate studies, professional degree programs, and additional career paths.

Connecting Faculty

In addition to supporting student writers, the CWE assists faculty across-the-disciplines. Through individualized consultations, classroom visits, and workshops, the CWE strives toward enhancing the teaching of writing in all departments. 

Valuing Inclusive Community

The CWE values an environment in which all students feel comfortable to express themselves through their writing, It actively promotes equality and access to writing support in its work with students, faculty, and community members on and off campus.


National Day on Writing

Established in 2009 by the National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE), National Day on Writing celebrates composition in all forms - from stories, poems, and letters to text messages, videos, and audio recordings - and demonstrates how writing is a vital part of our everyday lives. The University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire Center for Writing Excellence (CWE) hosts a celebration every year on Thursday, October 19, 2017 and invites the community to join! 

During our all-day, across-campus celebration, the CWE holds special events to celebrate writing. There are brief writing activities across campus in exchange for a sweet treat: write a haiku in Davies Center, build your own Shakespearean insult on the first floor of McIntyre Library, create a two-sentence horror story on the first floor of Hibbard Hall, or tell us #WhyIWrite for our photo campaign on the first floor of Centennial Hall. You could also drop by the second floor of McIntyre Library to contribute to the collaborative story written on the glass walls of the CWE. 

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