Chair's Report for September 22, 1998

Senate update

Open Forum Items from Senate Executive Committee Minutes

Other Items from Senate Executive Committee Meetings

Senator Angelo Armendariz, Senator Owen Marshall, Senator Bobby Pitts, and
University Academic Staff member, Cynthia Hofacker

Items discussed with the Senate Chair

Faculty Reps Meeting

Board of Regents Meeting

A Summary of Recommendations in the University 5-Year Plan begins on page 25 of the main document.

Senators are asked to look over all the recommendations and provide comments to the appropriate Senate Committee by November 1st.

Senate Committees are asked to review the entire document while focusing on specific recommendations as noted below. Committees should provide comments to Senate Office by December 15th.

Senate Executive Committee will look at all areas, compile the responses, and provide a summary report to the University Planning Committee by March 1st.

Summary of Recommendations, page 25

Area of Recommendation in Five-Year Plan

Suggested Committees for Response




Student Recruitment

Enrollment Management III

Student Retention

Academic Policies for recruitment and retention

Budget for resources

IT for providing technology-related opportunities


Baccalaureate Degree



Program Array

Academic Policies for degree, advising, assessment, and program array

Budget for resources needed

Faculty Personnel for removing barriers to connecting disciplines and for advising-related workloads

Academic Staff Personnel for role in advising and assessment

Compensation for workload compensation.


Faculty Workload

Faculty Personnel and Academic Staff Personnel

Compensation for rewards and workloads compensation.


Development Programs

Classroom Instructional Technology

Instructional Technology

Budget for funding and incentives

Compensation for incentives


Foundation Support

Extramural Funding



Physical Plant Planning


IT for technology upgrades

If a committee responded to the 1996 University Five-year Plan, a copy of those responses will be distributed to that committee.