Chair's Report for September 8, 1998

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"First, we need to enhance the UW System's libraries. They represent a priceless asset for the entire state... We are seeking $12 million in GPR and fees to increase the number of electronic journals and information sources available to library users, to expand existing delivery services (making better use of our collections), and to restore reasonable acquisitions budget. The UW System has not received funding designated for library acquisitions in 10 years.

Second, ... we are seeking $28.9 million in GPR and fees to ensure staff support and regular updating of desktop equipment. Part of this would be used to 'grow your own' skilled staff, by training and then hiring 200 additional student workers in the information technology area, as well as training and retaining 600 current student IT workers.... Equally important: this initiative would establish a badly needed, systematic, desktop computer replacement program for UW System faculty and staff at all institutions.

Third, we are seeking $4 million in GPR and fees to help address a persistent concern of students: academic advising. This initiative would provide 35.5 additional advisers Systemwide, who can help students speed time-to-degree (and reduce the cost of their college degree) by making more efficient academic and career choices.

We are seeking $7 million in GPR and fees to expand pre-college programs, increase financial aid, recruit adult students, establish a UW Business Council on Diversity, and provide more funding for the Institute for Race and Ethnicity.

... seek $11.5 million in GPR and fees to address specific Wisconsin International Trade Council recommendations that call for enhancing the level of international education in the state.

We seek $3 million in GPR to build the capacity of local governments by expanding their access to Systemwide resources: our faculty and research experts. Funds would be used to provide technical expertise to local governments in such areas as land use, zoning, water quality and urban renewal."

Lyall's comments continued on to describe the initiatives proposed by five other institutions totaling $6.6 million and a special UW-Madison proposal.

All the new initiatives, along with the cost-to-continue items, together represent an average annual budget increase of $43.4 million in GPR/fees, an average annual increase of 3.4%.

"Requests for compensation increases are made in November and are determined by the Joint Committee on Employment Relations. Compensation increases will have an as-yet-unknown effect on GPR funding and tuition levels."

Full text of President Lyall's remarks is available in the Senate Office, August Board of Regents' file.