Chair's Report for May 12, 1998

Senate update

Open Forum Items from Senate Executive Committee Meeting minutes

Other Items from Senate Executive Committee Meetings

  1. A new 300 car lot for resident students will open south of Oakridge hall on property leased from Sacred Heart.
  2. Oakridge lot (~150 spaces) will be closed sometime in October to construct the new residence hall on that site.
  3. GF permits will continue next year. Up to the authorized 117 spaces will be utilized, depending on demand. Faculty and staff should be receiving the invitation to apply for GF permits shortly. F permits will be available in August as usual.
  4. Bus service will continue next year with the Water Street loop continuing on a 20-minute cycle. The Stein Blvd. Loop will change to a 30-minute cycle because Holiday Inn-Campus will be added to the schedule since 175 students will be living there.

Student Senate Meetings

(a) assign each student in class a random number at the beginning of the semester for the specific purpose of posting grades;

(b) assign a random number to each test that is handed out and post the student's grades by using that number;

(c) when posting student grades, professors should not arrange the random number identification number alphabetically according to student's names."

Board of Regents Meeting

Your opinion needed


- Should everyone be given a printed copy of the handbook?

- Should two copies of the handbook go online? (one identical to the printed copy, one working copy reflecting updates)

- Which format would you prefer? (web-based or downloadable Adobe Acrobat file)

PLEASE SHARE YOU COMMENTS with the Senate Office before you leave for the summer.

Email: or call 836-5288 (chair) 836-3419 (office)


ENCOURAGE all faculty and academic staff

to return the election ballots as soon as possible.

COMPLETE the Senator Survey and return the survey yet this week.

ENJOY the summer!