UWEC - University Senate Chair's Report for March 10, 1998

Senate update

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Other Items from Senate Executive Committee Meetings

Items discussed with the Senate Chair

Faculty Reps Meeting

Board of Regents Meeting

"Unclassified Sick Leave usage is being reviewed and all necessary fieldwork has been completed. We reviewed compliance with the agreements each institution negotiated with the Department of Administration in 1989 and 1990 concerning the recording and usage of faculty sick leave. A report will be issued in May on the status and compliance with the agreement and, if necessary, recommendations for improvement."

"Library Acquisitions audit fieldwork has begun. We are reviewing selected institutions' procurement practices with major book and periodical vendors, reviewing the feasibility of centralizing the procurement process, analyzing acquisition patterns of libraries through comparisons with peer institutions, and reviewing resource sharing by UW System Libraries. We expect to complete the report by summer 1998."

"Recruitment and Retention program review work has begun. We are reviewing the extent to which competitive salary levels have affected the institutions' ability to recruit, hire and retain well-qualified faculty members. We expect to complete a report by fall 1998."

"Academic Assessment review work was performed at five institutions. A final report has been issued and a summary is attached [available in the Senate office]. Included are recommendations that the institutions share information about effective planning methods, review their assessment plans for criteria and multiple measurement methods, and communicate with each other about resulting program improvements."

Time Table for Change

March 24 / April 14

Continued discussion/vote on changes and implementation plan.

April 30

Constitutional changes come before University Faculty and University Academic Staff at respective April meetings (changes distributed around April 16)


Mailbox referendum for approval if passed on April 30; if changed April 30, need additional meeting