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Faculty Reps Meeting

Recommended Goals and Initiatives for 1998-2008.
  1. Increase the number of well prepared high school graduates of color who apply to the UW system in order to bring enrollment, retention, and graduation rates for underrepresented students of color into alignment with those of the student body as a whole:
    • increase precollege programming
    • build the educational pipeline...pedagogical exchanges between UW faculty and K-12 teachers
    • work with Wisconsin Center for Academically Talented Youth
    • review and restructure recruitment efforts of students of color
    • review support services for students of color and economically disadvantaged students to ensure the best possible match to student needs
    • develop adult recruitment programs targeted specifically to multicultural students (age 25+) who have completed an associate degree or started a university education but stopped
    • work towards a better balance of enrollment of students of color across academic disciplines
    • improve retention rates for students of color by (1) creating at each institution organized opportunities for administrators, faculty, and staff to learn about intercultural differences in communication and learning styles that can help improve learning outcomes for students of color and (2) bolstering academic and personal advising
    • establish a UW Business Advisory Council on Diversity
    • determine a home campus for the pilot UW System Native American Language Preservation
  1. Increase the size and shift the composition of financial aid packages for needy students to reduce unmet need and the share of financial aid coming from loans. To lower financial barriers, UW System will:
    • seek an additional $1 million in private support to match a similar amount to be requested in the Regents 1999-01 biennial budget
    • UW System will encourage families to plan early for college
  1. Increase the number of fully credentialed faculty, academic and classified staff, and administrators of color so that they are represented in the UW workforce in numbers reflecting their current availability in relevant job pools, and in addition, work to increase their future availability.
    • continue to monitor institutional progress through annual EEO reporting
    • continue to monitor promotion and tenure rates for women and multicultural faculty
    • create a systemwide academic staff professional development fund to assist academic staff of color who wish to prepare for faculty careers by acquiring or finishing a terminal degree
    • encourage professional development/upward mobility opportunities for classified staff and LTE's of color
    • regularly seek information on ways to improve campus climate from AA/EEOC protected faculty and staff
  1. Foster campus and classroom environments that enhance learning and respect for diversity in race/ethnic/cultural heritage, intellectual viewpoints, gender, religious and sexual orientations, differently abled, and other human differences.
    • increase instructional resources for courses that develop multicultural understanding
    • continue to measure and report student opinion
    • encourage every UW faculty, staff, and student governance organizations to set aside an early meeting in fall 1998 to discuss and reflect on how it might advance this goal
    • Instructional Academic Staff report: A draft report will be distributed this week. Campuses are asked to report through the Vice Chancellor's office. The final report will be presented to the Board of Regents. Senators interested in seeing a copy of the Instructional Staff Report, please email the senate office (senateu). The Academic Staff Personnel Committee, the Faculty Personnel Committee, and the Senate Executive Committee will be asked to review and provide responses to the draft as soon as the draft is released. Responses are due the end of April and should focus on: 1. describing the key conditions that contribute to any unusual aspects of our use of instructional academic staff; 2. identifying issues that concern our institution, academic staff, and faculty or students that are not adequately covered in the report; and 3. deciding if the recommended actions will achieve the desired goals for improving the use of and working conditions for instructional and research academic staff.
    • Are we willing to reallocate funds to finance the first six months of insurance for new employees? Other states start insurance from day one, we do not. This could be an important recruitment benefit. It would cost about 2 million to finance this system-wide. Reps suggested alternatives.
  2. Board of Regents Meeting

    Time Table for Change




    February 10

    Guidelines for Senate size and committee representation established

    February 24

    Suggested changes to Constitutions (reflecting Senate and committees) distributed to Senators for discussion

    March 10

    Discussion/vote on Constitutional changes

    March 24

    Continued discussion/vote on changes and implementation plan

    April 1

    Constitutional changes distributed to University Faculty and Academic Staff


    Constitutional changes come before University Faculty and University Academic Staff at respective April meetings