Chair's Report for November 11, 1997


Search and Screen

The following people have been appointed by UW-System President Katharine Lyall to serve on the Search and Screen Committee for Chancellor of UW-Eau Claire:


Arenas, Tess

Assistant to the Pres. For Multicultural Affairs, UW System Administration

DaCosta, Maria N.

Arts & Sciences, Economics, Assoc. Prof., dacostmn ** Appointed Vice Chair

Gatzlaff, Kevin

Student, President of Student Senate, gatlakm

Hallatt, Margaret M.

Associate Dir., Housing / Residence Life, Academic Staff Rep., hallatmm

Johnson, Dale A.

Business, Management Information Systems, Prof., dajohn

Lozar, Barbara

Arts & Sciences, Psychology, Prof., lozarb

Mirr, Michaelene P.

Professional Studies, Adult Health Nursing, Prof., mirrmp

Myers, Joan M. Rohr

Arts & Sciences, Comm/Journ, Sr. Lect., Acad. Staff w/ Fac. Status, myersjm

Noer, John

President of Northern States Power Company

Oberly, James W.

Arts & Sciences, History, Prof., joberly ** Appointed Chair

Rasar, Lee Anna

Professional Studies, Allied Health, Assoc. Prof., rasarla

Rolland, Barbara

Community member, Emeritus faculty, Foreign Langauges

Satz, Ronald

Professional Studies, Dean, rsatz

Skrivseth, Marilyn

Professional Studies, Kinesiology, Assoc. Prof., skrivsm

Smith, Edwin L.

Arts & Sciences, Music & Theatre, Prof., smithel

Torborg, Jackie

Student, torborjk

Vance, Jim J.

Director, American Ethnic Coord. Office, Academic Career Serv., vancejj


President Lyall and Regent Boyle will be on campus Monday, November 17, to formally charge the committee and to review procedures.


Senate Attendance


5-Year Plan


Faculty Reps Meeting

1999-2001 budget, web site:

System-wide Priorities for 1999-2002 (not in any particular order) include:


Board of Regents Meeting



Open Forum Items from Senate Executive Committee Meetings


Barbara Lozar: There was discussion of a 1-credit orientation course (I think it was to be called Introduction to the University). This idea was dropped for two reasons. One, a 1-credit general course like that tends to be seen as an add-on by both students and faculty. It also creates scheduling problems. The more important reason for dropping it, though, is that the goal of orienting students to the University can be attained more effectively if the orientation activity occurs in the context of a content course. For example, one important component of such orientation courses involves enhancement of study skills and time management skills. Experience across the nation and in our own Developmental Education courses has shown that these skills are enhanced more effectively if they are part of a content course in which students actually practice them. That's why the University decided to integrate the orientation component into content courses which we are now calling Freshman Experience courses. There is nothing in the current policy, though, that would prohibit the development of 1-credit courses as Freshman Experience courses. The policy does not set the number of credits that such a course should have. In fact, Psychology has a 1-credit course, Psychology as a Discipline and a Profession, which is included in the Freshman Experience program.