Chair’s Report for March 29, 2005


Senate update

1.        Important links to agendas, minutes, Chair's Reports and other sites of interest are available
on the Senate web site: Senate Chair’s Report will be available on this site by noon on the day of the Senate meeting.

2.        During debates, Senators may speak only twice to any motion or amendment. Each speaking term is limited to 10 minutes. The Chair will add names of those wishing to speak to a speaker's list upon recognition.


Senate Actions signed off by the Chancellor

1.        Faculty Personnel Committee Function

2.        Voting in Personnel Actions


Other Items discussed with the Chair

1.        A letter from UW-System President Kevin Reilly was received this week. It provided details about the search and screen committee for the next Chancellor at UW-Eau Claire.

The timeline for the process is as follows:

April 8 – nominations for potential search and screen committee members are due in the Senate office

April 15 – electronic ballots created and distributed

April 22 – votes via electronic ballot due

April 26 – results tabulated - Consultation with Chancellor briefly after the University Senate meeting.

        All names due from administration, students, and community. Bios collected.

April 29 - full set of names with Bios sent to System. We are to submit twice the number of nominees as positions to be filled. The final breakdown of names being submitted is as follows:

18 - University Faculty composed of

     10 - University Faculty from the College of Arts and Sciences    

      2 - University Faculty from the College of Business

      2 - University Faculty from the College of Education and Human Sciences

      2 - University Faculty from the College of Nursing and Health Sciences

      1 - University Faculty from the Library Faculty

      In addition, the Chancellor will add 1 University Faculty member after consultation with the Executive Committee.

4 - University Academic Staff

4 - Administrators (2 from UWEC and 2 from across the System)

4 - from the community

The final committee of 17 members will consist of:

9 University Faculty (one of whom will be chair), 2 University Academic Staff, 2 Administrators (1 from UWEC and 1 from across the system), 2 students, and 2 community members


May 17 – from 1:00 – 3:00  Special Regent Committee chair Peggy Rosenzweig and President Reilly will be here to charge the search and screen committee.


Faculty Reps Meeting – next meeting Friday, April 1 in Madison


Board of Regents Meeting – next meeting April 7 & 8 in Madison

1.        Summary of the March 10 & 11 meetings can be accessed at:


Legislative Update

1.        According to reports in the March 15 Wheeler Report, Dean Kaufert (R-Neenah) announced he will consider limiting funding for the compensation reserve (the fund from which all state and UW employees are paid) and the UW System.  The extent of the limits or possible cuts remains ambiguous.

2.        Bills of interest introduced:
SB121-relating to the appointment of a non-traditional student to the UW Board of Regents; this is the companion bill to AB158. 
AB239-relating to the imposition of a two-year limit on increases in undergraduate resident tuition and non-discretionary segregated fees at the UW System.