Chair’s Report for October 12, 2004


Senate reminders

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Senate Actions signed off by the Chancellor

1.   Post-Tenure Review


Faculty Reps Meeting – October 1 teleconference

1.       Inclusivity Initiative – System administration now interested in expanding benefits; implications on economic development; looking for ways to garner support; proposing UW Environment Climate Study – now in planning stage; task is to develop and recognize all talent; overwhelming endorsement on Inclusivity by both chancellors and provost; bringing concept before Board in November.

2.       Many senates working on resolutions related to defense of marriage and desire for domestic partner benefits. (see web site ); concern if we push forward on resolutions, may anger legislators – not good in budget year; System trying to calculate cost of funding domestic partner benefits – depends on who covered – all domestic partners or just same sex partners; plan to discuss merits of issue first in terms of recruitment then discuss cost later

3.       Desire of UW to ‘get our from under state control’. Big cost to state to let us separate; no apparent benefits to state to let go – only to UW; will be part of future conversations with Governor

4.       Suggestions given on what faculty speakers should include when presenting to Regents on problems with recruitment and retention given current overall benefit package.

5.       Much discussion on the Legislative Audit (see web site for Day 1 of UW Regent’s meeting)

6.       Reports from the institutions (major items noted): Green Bay – questioning type of funding for summer school; La Crosse – student advising initiative, review of GE goals, review of past budget reductions; Madison – talking about data collected on faculty lost and replacement costs; Milwaukee – discussing need for criminal background checks, HR directors met, consensus that requiring background checks for recruitment and hiring would create chilling effect; Oshkosh – looking at process for transition to retirement, keeping those retired close to campus; Parkside  endorsed part of credit transfer agreement but attached assessment piece on to the transfer course selections; Platteville –conducting study on status of librarians, conflict arising between faculty and administration over tri-state initiative which involves first few years of initiative being taught by non-tenure line faculty, administration inserted line in faculty search ads [something like] ‘may have to teach distance courses … needs office skills’; senate concern for lack of resources for full faculty meetings where cost to hold meeting unbelievable and no budget to support meetings; Stevens Point –discussing marriage amendment, working on salary compression issue; Superior – will bring forward marriage resolutions, also resolution on budget; personnel reviewing each department plan for faculty review of promotion and retention, producing ‘Superior Yellow Book’ a role model for faculty to use, trying to eliminate the need for parking permits in summer; Whitewater – concern about cuts on campus, SCH and FTE discussion, internal problems in IAS hiring, repeat policy adjustment; Extension – department asked to give position statement on how to address controversial issues, trying to create a preamble for extension, workshops for probationary faculty to include: standards, tenure orientation, forum on scholarship, portfolio system showing how to document work.


Board of Regents Meeting – October 7 & 8 at UW-Superior

1.       The UW Regents news summaries are available online: and Key items include:

·         Legislative Audit Bureau’s report – presentation and discussion on the review of university staffing levels (Powerpoint presentation available on-line)

·         Advice from Frank Goldberg, UW System associate vice president for policy analysis, gleaned over six years of analyzing data as indicators of UW System quality

·         Faculty Retention and Recruitment discussion [HIGHLY RECOMMEND READING THIS SECTION]

2.       Listening sessions on UW System priorities – first session October 18, here at UWEC from 4-6 p.m.