Chair’s Report for October 14, 2002


Senate update

1.      Important links to agendas, minutes, Chair's Reports and other sites of interest are available
on the Senate web site: Senate Chair’s Report will be available on this site by
noon on the day of the Senate meeting.

2.      During debates, Senators may speak only twice to any motion or amendment. Each speaking term is limited to 10 minutes. The Chair will add names of those wishing to speak to a speaker's list upon recognition.


Senate Actions signed off by the Chancellor

1.   Removal of English Competency Examination from Graduation Requirements


Faculty Reps - Teleconference October 3rd

1.      Heard update on the Regent Study Groups. Re-defining Educational Quality working to develop vision for mission, looking at indicators that are measures of quality, identifying real consequences that might follow when measures not met (e.g., what are the real consequences when class size is increased, classes are cut), and discussing how to communicate this information so others will understand real consequences of changes. Revenue Authority looking at ways to improve revenue flow (serving needs of non-trads, aligning out-of-state tuition, differential tuition for high cost programs, removing credit plateaus), ways to improve non-tuition flow (more federal dollars, customized corporate classes), and cost savings measures (self-funding insurance, greater purchase authority). Operating Efficiencies looking at directing related resources to mission-related priorities. Looking at efficiency reports, rethinking instructional delivery, collaborations, basis on which degrees awarded, faculty workload, extension funding. Research & Public Service hosting a series of listening and learning sessions with business and community leaders to learn how the community perceives the university. Partnership with the State trying to determine who should be served. Also wanting to get more input from legislature. Meeting continued with a review of the Regents meeting including a discussion of Pay Plan.


2.      An additional meeting of the Faculty Reps was held just prior to the Regent's meeting in Oshkosh. The main discussion was how to improve communication. A few reps suggested that communication was not the problem - leadership was - especially leadership from System administration and Regents. The discussion then turned to the pay plan. One rep shared how surprised he was to learn that if he decided to discontinue health insurance through the university because his spouse had access to better and less costly insurance, he could no longer convert his sick leave at a later time. In addition, if he wanted to return to the state's health insurance system, he would have to wait 180 days.


Board of Regents - Oshkosh - October 9th and 10th

October 9th summary can be obtained at

October 10th summary can be obtained at


1.      After adding language showing sensitivity to the economic difficulties facing the state, the Business and Finance Committee approved a resolution calling for up to a four-percent pay increase each year of the upcoming biennium for UW System faculty and academic staff to the full extent of what is available in the state's compensation reserve. President Lyall firmly stated that the Board has a responsibility for recommending a pay plan based on a study of market factors to the Department of Employment Relations secretary (who in turns recommends a plan to the Joint Committee of Employment Relations - JCOER). The Board stressed in the resolution the "difficulty of funding the needed pay plan in the current fiscal climate including lack of full funding in the compensation reserve and unavailability of tuition revenue…or base budget reallocation capabilities." The full Board approved the recommendation on Friday.


2.      A pilot program that would give out-of-state children of alumni of certain UW System schools a discount on tuition if they attend those schools was given a first reading. Board action on the "Return to Wisconsin" program will occur in November.


3.      The Education Committee heard details on a proposed plan to expand credit transfer opportunities between the Wisconsin Technical College System and the UW System. Action was deferred until November to allow the full Board to hear about the plan and to allow time for details of the plan to be worked out with those involved. Some points included: transfer of occupational technical courses outside of the 400+ articulation agreements already in place; developing with faculty from both sides a core of general education courses that will transfer from the Techs to the UW System - making it clear to students what will transfer via the Transfer Information System; and looking into the idea for allowing more Technical colleges to participate in programs similar to the college-parallel programs. One Regent commented - whole thing is about student success. No one wants wholesale transfer of credits.


4.      On Friday the Board rescinded the action it took last month via telephone conference to increase executive leadership salary ranges and referred the issue to the Business and Finance committee. (For interesting dialog on this topic - refer to the Day Two summary.) The Board then passed a resolution requiring the Board to conduct roll call votes on business dealing with executive leadership salaries during open, full-board meetings.


5.      President Lyall alerted the Board that the UW System may be affected by a budget repair bill in coming months. More updates on Charting a New Course were heard. Details are available at