Chair’s Report for September 26, 2000


Senate update

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2.      During debates, Senators may speak only twice to any motion or amendment. Each speaking term is limited to 10 minutes. The Chair will add names of those wishing to speak to a speaker's list upon recognition.


Open Forum Items from Senate Executive Committee Meeting minutes


1.       Dean Wendt brought up issue of final exam policy

·        Policy clearly stated in Faculty and Academic Staff Handbook with listed exceptions

·        Common wisdom among faculty apparently that as long as dean does not know can cut deals

·        Prepared to make strong statement to faculty concerning adherence to policy

·        Perhaps policy should be reexamined

·        Chair Harrison will put final exam policy on agenda and notify dean when it comes up


2.      United Way

·        Some members of faculty wondering why university has not issued statement regarding Boy Scouts discriminatory policy in light of university support of United Way

·        Can earmark organizations to be funded when making contribution

·        Research indicates difference is made up for other organizations with unearmarked donations

·        Dunn County has come out with statement that if no change in policy, will withdraw from United Way campaign next year

·        UW-Eau Claire leadership has had conversation about this policy

·        Chancellor Mash has personally reviewed pros and cons

·        Is issue on which reasonable people might disagree so hard to come to university position

·        Another option for charitable giving supported on campus

·        United Way comes through campus mail with letter from chancellor so definitely perception of endorsement

·        Clearly supportive including follow-up letters if donation not forthcoming

·        Issue will become part of Chair’s Report for Senate meeting Tuesday

·        Will open for brief discussion at that meeting


Other Items from Senate Executive Committee Meetings


3.      Discussion of Guidelines for Establishing Centers on Campus

·         Purpose twofold

·         Basic ground rules for establishment of centers to cover funding, space, personnel and other issues

·         Make sure all centers undergo some evaluation process

·         In some areas, such as Nursing, mechanism already in place


·         For review, could list those centers now in existence not currently undergoing evaluation and determine where logical for those to be reviewed

·         If centers have existing review process, would be exempt from these guidelines

·         Currently two review processes – department and other units

·         Are current centers that do not fall under auspices of either

·         UW-System rules cover only designated Centers of Excellence; just report on others

·         Would include entities not specifically listed as centers, such as institutes, clinics, programs, and projects that act as center

·         Current draft of guidelines seen as work in progress

·         Some see guidelines as unnecessary because mechanism already in place starting at school or department level

·         However, pet projects can be started and faculty leave with projects staying on books

·         Idea is to create consistency and maintain quality associated with UW-Eau Claire

·         Some see as centralization of process including another layer of paperwork and approval

·         Provost would like institution to assist not impede establishment of centers

·         Executive Committee motion passed: to endorse the established Guidelines for the Establishment of Centers, Institutes, and Related Units as drafted under the auspices of the Associate Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs and Director of Graduate Programs and to review process at end of one year to determine if effective.


Items discussed with the Senate Chair

·        The Second Annual Human Rights Awareness Conference is set for October 10, 2000. A copy of the program can be found at:  For a printed copy of the program contact Activities and Programs at 836-4833. The Human Rights Awareness Conference is produced by University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire students working through the Student Senate in cooperation with the Activities and Programs Office.

·        2000 Statewide Equity and Multicultural Education Convention: Fostering a School Environment to Promote Diversity and Choice – a convention for administrators; counselors; equity coordinators; elementary, secondary, and post-secondary instructors; and community-based, state, and educational organizations. Preconvention workshop, November 1; Convention, November 2-3 held at the Marriott Madison West, Middleton. {information in the Senate office}


Faculty Reps Meeting

·        to be held September 29th


Board of Regents Meeting

·        to be held in LaCrosse, October 5-6