Chair’s Report for September 12, 2000


Senate update

1.      Important links to agendas, minutes, Chair's Reports and other sites of interest are available
on the Senate web site:

2.      During debates, Senators may speak only twice to any motion or amendment. Each speaking term is limited to 10 minutes. The Chair will add names of those wishing to speak to a speaker's list upon recognition.


Open Forum Items from Senate Executive Committee Meeting minutes

1.      Concern of some faculty confused about intent and purpose of calendar change brought forward

        Now two week contract period before start of classes

        Transition summer resulted in one week shorter span between summer session and start of academic year

        With similar 2001-2002 calendar, gap restored because shorter spring semester (now equivalent to fall semester) results in earlier Interim and summer sessions

        Although some felt period was billed as advising opportunity, students were not on campus

        First week intended for professional development as indicated in University Senate discussion last year

        Time also allowed frequent department meetings where daily progress could be seen and real change on issues such as curriculum made

        Provost reported two week period very busy

        None of workshops, forums, retreats, and other professional development opportunities were required, but were well-attended

        Some under contract were not present

        Next calendar comes up for approval early spring

        Can ask colleagues what worked and what didn’t to plan for beginning of next academic year

        May be helpful to “advertise” Senate meeting when calendar discussed

        Senators do bear responsibility to communicate with constituency

        Will be in Chair’s Report as part of Open Forum so may get additional feedback

2.      University Senate brochures outlining committee responsibilities and listing senators to be distributed to all faculty and academic staff


Items discussed with the Senate Chair

        UW System Grants Dissemination Conference 2000, October 6, 2000 at the Pyle Center in Madison. - The conference is open to all faculty and staff in the UW System.  There is no charge for participating, although advanced registration is required. Features concurrent presentations by investigators who were awarded project and research grants from UW System.  Presenters will share their results, provide ideas on how their outcomes might be replicated, and offer tips on preparing effective grant proposals.  Additional sessions are scheduled on writing grants for UW System programs and on using on-line tools to locate funding opportunities. Registration deadline for participants is September 13, 2000. See details: .


Faculty Reps Meeting

1.      Presentation of Academic Advanced Distributed Learning (ADL) Co-Laboratory established as first step in leveraging knowledge resources available through agreement with Department of Defense, UW-System, and Wisconsin Technical College Systems. The Academic ADL Co-Lab (housed in Madison) performs the following functions: Research and development of advanced learning technologies; assess ADL compliant tools to determine if and how much they will enhance teaching and learning in universities and colleges; conformance testing for learning objects; research and evaluation of intelligent tutors with an emphasis on determining science and technology needs yet to be met; application and evaluation of assessment tools in the context of college and university curriculums; and Learning Management System evaluation and assessment process, which will meet the specific needs of the universities and colleges system. See:  for details.

2.      Presentation of MERLOT (Multimedia Educational Resource for Learning and Online Teaching) project designed to improve the quality and availability of peer-reviewed digital learning objects for use by faculty in university teaching. Eight selected faculty will get together with their colleagues from a range of other institutions to develop a peer review system for and help create new assignments around online learning objects – small pieces of online learning materials that faculty can incorporate into their own classes providing more flexibility and convenience. As a resource, the MERLOT project includes a searchable database of the learning objects. As an organization, MERLOT is a cooperative agreement between 23 university systems and universities. The goal is to increase the quality and availability of learning objects and help build an academic culture in which the development and use of digital teaching materials is recognized and valued. See: or for an organizational overview of MERLOT.

3.      UTIC now renamed Office of Professional and Instructional Development (OPID). OPID provides leadership in fostering the pursuit of effective and innovative teaching to enhance student learning throughout the University of Wisconsin System. OPID sponsors a variety of programs and activities designed to put the enhancement of student learning at the heart of faculty development. These currently include: Undergraduate Teaching and Learning Grant Program; Conference Development Grant Program; Wisconsin Teaching Fellows Program (designed for outstanding teacher-scholars who are in the first 10 years of their careers in the UW System); a NEW program – Wisconsin Teaching Scholars Program (designed for outstanding faculty and teaching academic staff who have over 10 years of teaching experience – each campus will nominate one faculty or IAS to participate); a revised Department Chairs Workshop; and many others. See: for details.

4.      Request to please be active in ‘selling’ the budget to the legislature. Invite candidates to campus and ‘get them on the record’ in supporting the UW System. Included in the budget is a request for a change in the language that would remove position control from the legislature.

5.      IT system update: about 3000 courses are using the web in some major way with over 62000 students involved. Will be asking for additional resources in this area – asking for additional staffing to aid institutions in the development of web courses.

6.      Update on Instructional Academic Staff  - system-wide committee being formed now with representatives from all 15 campuses; focus will be on recommending title changes and looking at initiatives on the integration of IAS; Madison faculty are proposing modified professorate titles such as assistant research professor; assistant instructional professor; assistant clinical professor.


Board of Regents Meeting

1.      Adopt a Campus Program – Regents JoAnne Brandes and Phyllis Krutsch have been assigned to our campus

2.      Regents have also been given a ‘specialty’ to follow and report briefly at the end of the academic year on challenges in their assigned area. Areas of interest to UWEC may include relations with students (Alexander); relations with faculty (Krutsch); IT (Olivieri); maintenance (Schneiders); diversity (Gracz); research (Gottschalk); academic programs (Boyle); teacher education (Randall)

3.      Request to amend the vacancy publicity section of the UW-Eau Claire Faculty and Academic Staff Personnel Policies and Procedures was approved.

4.      During the presentation on Technology and Teacher Education in the Education Committee, it was noted that some institutions are requiring technology proficiency for promotions, merit, and tenure – especially in Schools of Education. It was also noted that while School Districts are evaluating teachers on the use of technology, we don’t have the same type of teacher mandates for University Faculty to make sure they are skilled in this area. Regent Olivieri wondered if the Board should make a statement encouraging all faculty within the System to use technology. “Seems we should be able to say something about this. It is important that the campuses hear what the Regents believe.” Regent Benson responded “we need to do whatever it takes to seek the resources needed to fund what we are asking them [the campuses] to do.”

5.      UW-Stout has requested new program authorization for a B.S. in Applied Science to address a need for training to use science as a tool.

6.      The report on Base Salary Adjustments to Recognize Competitive Factors was approved to be forwarded to the Department of Administration and the Department of Employment Relations. Included was a table summarizing the adjustments granted during 1999-00. 528 individuals at nine institutions received $980,428 for normal equity and retention issues. In addition, 2,106 individuals at UW-Madison were awarded $6,942,326 of competitive compensation as part of the Madison Initiative.



Equity and Retention

Madison Initiative Competitive Compensation


Number                          Annual

Of Adjustments               Costs

                   Number                                    Annual

            Of Adjustments                               Costs


        48                          $ 555,535

                     2,106                                $ 6,942,326


        46                               86,279


Green Bay                                             

         1                                  5,722



         3                                  8,670



         1                                  2,863



       423                            292,198



         1                                  8,076


System Administration

         4                                19,205



         1                                  1,880



       528                         $ 980,428

                     2,106                                $ 6,942,326

7.      Service-based pricing guidelines and procedures for graduate and other adult non-traditional programs were distributed. (See Senate Office, Board of Regents September 2000 notes for a copy of the guidelines.)

8.      Amendments were made to the Regent Policy pertaining to fee charges for class auditing. (See Senate Office, Board of Regents September 2000 notes for a copy of the policy.)