The Fall Retreat

On August 29, 2011 from 1-3 in the afternoon, Senators gathered for a planning workshop. At that workshop, discussions about committees meetings, committee memberships, committee responsibilities, and communication methods were held. (see responses for a review)

Would you be in favor of holding another workshop this fall?

What key topics should be the focus of discussion if such a workshop were held?

Topics of the Day

This year information was provided through electronic reports rather than through presentations. The time saved was then devoted to hosting a Topic of the Day. These topics included: Governance Workshop (Sept. 13 with elections); Different Models of Committee Structures (Sept. 27, follow up to the August workshop); Personnel Systems (Oct. 11 with HR); Liberal Ed Reform (Feb. 14 with APC); Inclusive Excellence Plan (Mar. 27 with EDI); Winterim (Apr. 10 with results forwarded to Ac. Aff.); and KPIs, Gold Arrows (Apr. 24 with UPC).

Would you be in favor of continuing with the Topic of the Day?

What Topics of the Day would you like to see discussed next year if this concept was continued?

Senate in general

Based on the responses from the August workshop, changes were made to the way Senate meetings were structured and information disseminated.

What worked especially well this year?

How could we improve Senate next year?

Being Heard

If a member of the general university community wishes to be heard, an opportunity to do so is available through the Open Forum time at the beginning of every Senate Executive meeting. Senators may utilize this time or speak up during Senate meetings. In addition, the Senate occassionally sponsors Open Forums. Other informational sessions are sponsored by the administration.

Do you believe members of the general univeristy community have sufficient opportunity to be heard?

Why? What improvements would you suggest?

Do you believe you have sufficient opportunity to be heard as a Senator?

Why? What improvements would you suggest?

Other comments/name?

Thank you for your time.


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~ Susan Harrison, University Senate Chair