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The Professional Development committee, in conjunction with the University Staff Council, plans and executes University Staff professional development activities. The committee is also responsible for publicity and promotion of such events.

The committee is comprised of up to ten (10) University Staff members elected by the University Staff Council. The Professional Development Coordinator is a voting member of this committee and must be a member of, and act as liaison to, the University Staff Council.

University Staff Council Committee members are elected by the University Staff Council from the University Staff. These committees are defined in the University Staff Council Bylaws.


University Staff Professional Development Day

Professional Development Conference

The University Staff Professional Development Conference is an annual event typically offered in early June and open to all UWEC employees.

Find conference details here.

Email LIST.USC.PRODEV if you'd like to contact the committee members.

Committee Members

Term Expiration Member
2024 Nancy Amdahl
2024 Kristi Bergstrom
2023 Megan Clark - Chair
2024 Tami Jo Eisberner
2023 Pam Golden
2022 Emily Herwig
2024 Nicole Owen 
2023 Aimee Rehberg
2024 Rhonda Young
2024 Vacant
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