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The Funding Committee is responsible for decisions regarding applications submitted for funding from the University Staff Professional Development Fund, the Grant Fund to Assist University Staff, and the University Staff Scholarship Fund. The committee includes four University Staff members elected by the members of the University Staff Council.

In addition, the Council Treasurer shall be an ex-officio voting member and the University Staff Council liaison to the committee. Instructions for application are located on the Grants and Scholarships for University Staff page.

University Staff Council Committee members are elected by the University Staff Council from the University Staff. These committees are defined in the University Staff Council Bylaws.

Email LIST.USC.FUNDING if you'd like to contact the committee members.

Committee Members

Term Expiration Member
2024 Skylar Colvin
2024 Corry Mahnke - Chair
2026 Margie Thornton
Jera Terreng
2024 Vacant
2025 Vacant
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