Applications to the Liberal Education Core

Liberal Education Core Purpose Statement

The Liberal Education Core is designed to develop in students the skills, knowledge and values they will need to engage with and navigate in highly diverse communities and in a global society. Through the liberal education core, UWEC hopes to foster in every student the ability to think with intellectual rigor, creativity, and independence, to integrate and apply their knowledge, and to act as humane, thoughtful leaders in the community, the workplace, and the world of ideas.

Guidelines for Inclusion in the Liberal Education Core

Consistent with this purpose statement the University Liberal Education Committee (ULEC) invites applications for learning experiences that:

  • Identify with one or more Liberal Education Learning Core Outcomes. It is anticipated that a single experience will identify with one or two outcomes, although the University Liberal Education Committee (ULEC) will consider proposals on their merits that seek to identify with more than two outcomes. 
  • Are broadly accessible to students from all programs of study at the university. As such, it is expected that prerequisites will be minimal. That said, ULEC realizes that in some cases prerequisite skills such as mathematics, writing, and foreign language competencies are critical for success. The need for the presence of any prerequisites must be articulated in the application.

In ULEC's efforts to assess the effectiveness of the Liberal Education Core, all learning experiences included in the core will be required to identify an example of student work from the experience that relates to an identified outcome. The student work will be collected, assessed, and results submitted to the University Assessment Committee to assist the University Liberal Education Committee in evaluating the effectiveness of our Liberal Education Core.  All learning experiences will be assessed at least once during a 5-year cycle.  

Application for Inclusion in the Liberal Education Core

Courses applying for the liberal education core should follow the directions below:

  • College of Arts and Sciences' (CAS) Programs and Departments
    • Log into the Course Inventory Management (CIM) System at Follow the directions for editing an existing course or proposing a new course.
    • If requesting to add a Liberal Education Core designation to an existing course, choose "Major Revision" from the "Change Type" drop down menu and complete relevant sections of the form. (Note that the CAS GE to LE Core Application does not exist in the CIM System.)
    • For new courses, complete all relevant sections of the form, including the Liberal Education Core application.
    • Once a form is completed and saved, start the workflow. Following department/program level approval, the form will be submitted to CAS for review and subsequent placement on a CASCC agenda. Applications approved by CASCC will be forwarded to ULEC for consideration.
  • Other Colleges (prior to October 1, 2018)
    • Complete this application
    • Once complete, the application should follow the normal curricular process of the College
    • Once approved, the application should be submitted to Angie Stombaugh, Chair of ULEC
Sample Applications Received by ULEC
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