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Voter Registration

Voice your opinion and register to vote today

The Student Senate believes that civic engagement is an important value that should be instilled within students. With that in mind, Senate is proud to provide the TurboVote online voter registration program for students at UW-Eau Claire.

Turbo Vote allows students to populate a completed voter registration form, sends them a pre-paid, pre-addressed envelope in which to submit their form, and sends text message reminders that make remembering to vote easier than ever before.

Whether you're registering to vote at your Eau Claire address or signing up to receive an absentee ballot to vote in your home district, Wisconsin voters must provide proof of residence that includes a picture ID- students can do this by using a valid Wisconsin Driver License or UWEC voter ID, which can be picked up in the Blugold Card Office in Davies Center, and a tuition fee receipt; students can also generate a proof of residence form in MyCampS under Voter Verification Form." 

Click here to enjoy TurboVote, brought to you by the UW-Eau Claire Student Senate!

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