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A bridge to information

The Communication Coordinator is vital to keeping the Student Senate in touch with the student body at large. By keeping the lines of communication between UW-Eau Claire students and their representative government wide open, the Communication Coordinator ensures that the Senate is serving the students' needs.

It is the job of the Communication Coordinator to promote all the activities and programs of Student Senate to the campus community. This involves creating and distributing promotional materials, interacting with on-and off-campus media, and representing Student Senate to the public. The Communication Coordinator also promotes the annual Student Senate election, and endeavors to make Senate's mission and purpose more widely known.

E-mail for more information or to book Blu for your event.


Every week, the Student Senate publishes The Senatorial, a one-page flyer that advertises upcoming events that is hung up in the Davies Center. 

Any student organization can submit designs to as a PDF file size 5.25 inches x 4 inches. 

We look forward to helping your organization promote its events free of charge!





Accountability and Transparency Committee



  1. Create a route of communication that is accurate, clear, and accessible for all students and staff at UWEC. 
  2. Establish a relationship between student representatives, administration, and the student body at large to ensure transparent communication about all campus updates.
  3. Listen. We want our meetings to be a place where students can come with concerns or questions that we will then look into. UWEC students are desperate to be heard and we want to give them that opportunity.



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