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Academic interests

The Academic Affairs Commission represents student academic interests to the faculty, administration, and the UW system. It works as a liaison between students and administrators to ensure that students and their needs are being heard during the decision-making process. The commission has a strong hand in guiding the Blugold Commitment Differential Tuition (BCDT). BCDT is special tuition that ensures all UW-Eau Claire undergraduate students can participate in multiple high-impact practices, such as collaborative research, global and domestic immersion experiences, internships, capstones, and a variety of other experiences. In addition, funding also provides for several faculty and staff positions to support these endeavors. Simply put, it maintains and retains interactions between faculty and students by making them more engaged in the college.

The BCDT committee sits down every session and analyzes proposals and determines where the funding goes and ranks its priority. The administration organizes all awards based on a 5-year review cycle and the committee reviews the reports and makes recommendations for those changes.

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Submitting an Academic Proposal

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