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66th Session

Members of UW-Eau Claire Student Senate

Student Senate is proud to represent the student body of the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire at the university, local, state, and federal levels, and allocate student segregated fees to improve student life every year. Commissions of the Student Senate work tirelessly to identify and improve university policies, and present legislation to the general Senate.


Student Body President

Rossellin Gaitan 
220 Davies Center

Student Body Vice President

Nick Johnson 
220 Davies Center

Senate Personnel Director 

Anakah Denison
220 Davies Center


Thomas Miller

Commission Directors

  • Academic Affairs -  
  • Communications -  Ivan San
  • Equity in Student Matters -Maddie Blong
  • Finance - Ben Johnson
  • Information Technology -  
  • Intergovernmental Affairs -  Hannah Kelly
  • Student Organizations -  Bradford Heap
  • Student Office of Sustainability - Sydney McGuine (senate)
  • Student Office of Sustainability - Leah Woodward (student)
  • University Activities -  Brett Farmer
  • Mascot Coordinator:  Alex Stoll 
  • Housing Coordinator: 

    On-Campus Senators 
  • Blong Maddie
  • Consiglio, Samantha
  • Denison, Anakah
  • Heap, Brad
  • Lallak, Austin
  • Lester, Quinn
  • Kelly, Hannah
  • Myszka, Ben
  • Miller, Thomas
  • Solveig, Rodlund
  • Strojinc, Brenna
  • Zimmerman, Elianna

Off-Campus Senators 

  • Alix, Twyla
  • Hicks, Jake
  • Holness, Johs
  • Johnson, Ben
  • McGuine, Sydney
  • Ramierz, Yajaira
  • Renslo, Breanna
  • San, Ivan
  • Suresh, Sahana
  • Wiercinski, Meghan


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