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Incoming Students

Welcome to the Blugold Community!

Student Health Service is here to take care of your health needs during your college career. We are located on upper campus in the Crest Wellness Center (just up the hill). SHS is an appointment-based clinic open during the daytime from Monday through Friday. For information on fees and more, explore the links below or give us a call - we are always happy to answer your questions.

Ready, Set... Stay Healthy!

As a new student at UW-Eau Claire, there are several essential steps you must take related to your health records. 

Step 1. About two weeks after registering, log onto mySHS using your university username and password. Once you've signed in, go to the Forms tab to complete the following:

  • Consent to treatment
  • Health History*
  • Notice of Privacy Practices
  • Immunizations

*If you are not able to submit the Health History Form on mySHS, print out a copy here, fill it out and turn it in at orientation (or at the time of your first medical appointment).

Step 2. Obtain an official copy of your immunization record

  • Wisconsin residents can get an official immunization record from the Wisconsin Immunization Registry; Minnesota residents can go to the Minnesota Immunization Information Connection; students from other areas can look online to find the contact info for their state registry, or it is possible to request immunization records from your medical clinic or local health department.
  • Once you have received your official immunization record, scan and email it to, or fax to 715-836-5979, or mail to Student Health Service, PO Box 4004, Eau Claire, WI 54702.
  • Finally, don't forget to enter your immunization data into the immunization form on mySHS.

Step 3.  Review the information on Hepatitis B and Meningitis

  • All Wisconsin colleges and universities are required by WI state statute to provide students with information about Meningococcal  (meningitis) and Hepatitis B, and about the availability and effectiveness of vaccinations for these diseases.

Step 4. Do you live with a chronic medical condition?

  • If applicable, complete the steps listed in the Chronic Medical Conditions letter.
  • Review chronic health concerns and medications with family and current provider.

Step 5. Refill/review current medications and obtain supplies (optional). Remember to have a list of any current medications plus dosing schedule to bring to your first appointment at SHS.

Step 6. We highly encourage you to become familiar with the SHS website! 

  • Not only will information found here be very helpful when you are new to campus, knowing where to click, who to call and where to go before you feel sick makes getting better that much easier.
  • Explore mySHS as this can be a secure means of communication between you and the clinic
  • Check out CampusWell, a free monthly e-magazine covering a variety of college health issues including stress, sleep, nutrition, alcohol, sexual behaviors, colds, flu, and more.
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Student Health Insurance

Student Health Service can help you figure out your options for healthcare coverage. Most office visits at the SHS clinic are free for enrolled students, but small fees may be charged for some visit types, lab work, medicine, procedures and supplies.

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Health Services & Fees

Sprained your ankle playing frisbee? Allergies kicking up? Maybe you just need a refill. Student Health Service has you covered. Most services are free for enrolled students. Visit this page to see when there might be out-of-pocket expenses.

Services + Fees
mySHS Student Health Service portal

Online Patient Portal - mySHS

While you are a student at UW-Eau Claire, you will use mySHS to make or change appointments, check records, set appointment notifications, get test results, view immunization records, communicate securely with SHS staff, and more.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

At Student Heath Services we are here to ensure your student's success and well-being. We offer quality health care at low to no-cost. As you explore UWEC, you may be curious about how this all works.

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