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Making decisions about alcohol consumption

CHOICES is a 2-hour class led by peer educators in a non-confrontational manner that enables students to make their own decisions about alcohol consumption. CHOICES aims to educate college students about the effects of alcohol on their behavior, to promote self-evaluation of drinking patterns, and help students make informed decisions that reduce their alcohol-related risk and harm.

Rather than focusing on abstinence, this program encourages a harm-reduction approach to drinking. While it is important to recognize the illegal nature of any underage alcohol use, it is equally important to provide students with accurate information and strategies for reducing their risk if they choose to drink alcohol.

Who is CHOICES for?

At UW-Eau Claire, CHOICES is assigned as an educational sanction for alcohol violations for students. Participants should expect to participate, and be on time to get completion credit.

How to Register

CHOICES classes are held once a week. Please register @

The CHOICES course costs $80. Payment will be due upon completion of the course through Student Health Service.

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