About Student Health Service

Promoting Healthy Bodies and Minds

Student Health Service provides the support students need to maintain healthy bodies and minds as they pursue their education. We are primarily funded by the student segregated fee, which allows us to offer quality health care at low costs. We provide outpatient medical care, including physical exams for athletes, office visits for sickness and injuries, support resources for physical and mental health, prescriptions refills, and much more.

Mission Statement

The UW-Eau Claire Student Health Service fosters a healthy campus community. We do this by providing:

  • High-quality health care
  • Inclusive & accessible service
  • Health promotion and advocacy


Student Health Service started as a nurse’s first aid station in the basement of Schofield Hall in 1938. It was staffed with one nurse, Alice Lefvarder Matz. She saw students in her office and even made house calls to dorms and to off-campus locations. In 1952 Student Health Service was moved to the arena. Another nurse was added to give evening coverage in 1966 and this continued until 1980. In 1968 Dr. R.A. Buckley was appointed as the first full-time campus medical director. 1976 brought in-house medical lab testing, and the very first lab technician joined the staff. That same year family planning services were initiated with the addition of a nurse practitioner.

Student Health Service moved to its current location in the Crest Wellness Center in 1983. The staff now totals 30, which includes office staff, medical assistants, lab technicians, student nursing assistants, nurses, nurse practitioners, physician’s assistants and doctors.

The office of Health Promotion (which includes SWAT and CASE) has teamed up with Student Health Service to offer an even wider range of health services to students. Health Promotion is located on lower campus in Schofield Rm 26, and their team consists of two Health Educators and ten Peer Educators.

Crest Wellness Center 150

630 Hilltop Circle
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