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Our Initiatives

Continued Successes

Check out some of the S.O.S.'s projects and accomplishments.

Climate Action Plan

You can find the Chancellor's plan to address climate change below.

Climate Action Plan 2018

Chancellor's Sustainability + Climate Task Force

More info coming soon!


The power of wind

Through the Windsource Program, the SOS ensures that Davies Student Center is powered by 100% renewable energy. Windsource is a voluntary program that allows residential and business customers to purchase RECs from Xcel Energy.

What is a REC?

A renewable energy credit (REC) is a tradable instrument that can be used to meet voluntary renewable energy targets, as well as to meet compliance requirements for renewable energy policies. One REC is a certificate that represents the generation of one megawatt-hour (MWh) of electricity from an eligible source of renewable energy. RECs, combined with electricity sourced from the normal power grid, are functionally equivalent to purchasing green power from a local utility, no matter where the REC may be sourced from. The RECs purchased by the SOS for the Davies Student Center are sourced from wind farms in Minnesota.



Carpooling made easy

Book rides with other UW-Eau Claire students who are heading to the same city as you! With Zimride you can help the environment and save money by riding together. Zimride also uses a mobile friendly app to make coordinating easy!

zimride logo

Book rides here!

Use Zimride to book rides with other UWEC Students!

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What's in the works?

The SOS is currently crafting a lot of impactful initiatives that you can take part in or share. 

LED Retrofitting

We are currently working on replacing old light with energy-efficient LED bulbs. Many buildings have been updated already, but there is still work to be done!

To learn more visit our Sharepoint archives here.

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