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This Week's Legislation

Legislation Approval (by meeting date)

11/24 - Gen. Assembly

AASHE Conference Attendance - YES [10] / NO [0] / ABSTAIN [0]

Facilities Clean Up Project - YES [10] / NO [0] / ABSTAIN [0]

Transportation Survey Gift Card Incentives - YES [9] / NO [0] / ABSTAIN [0]



11/10 - Gen. Assembly

DECI Internship Funding - YES [12] / NO [0] / ABSTAIN [0]

UWDC Internship - YES [12] / NO [0] / ABSTAIN [0] 

Renewable Connect Contract Extension - YES [12] / NO [0] / ABSTAIN [0] 

Upcoming Projects

Campus-wide Composting!

Campus stakeholders have gathered to form an actualization team, which will focus on making campus-wide composting a reality, together.

Davies Waste Recepticals
Campus Commuting Scooter Share Program

Members of our Executive Board are meeting with our partners in Facilities & Grounds to discuss the locations of docking stations and parking stations for our one-year trial of Scooter-sharing.

Energy Dashboard

Our office is partnering with the Information Technology Commission to create, in house, a dashboard with focuses on energy use and management across our campus. This tool, which is both a high impact experience for current student software engineers, will serve our office in decision-making, and will serve our fellow students in self-education.

Waste & Sustainability 3 Tier Training

Members of our Executive Board are working with campus stakeholders to formulate a 3 tier waste & sustainability training for all first year students. This initiative, which captures the Blugold Identity and culture of our campus community, will assist us in successful campus-wide composting and our commitment to campus Carbon Neutrality by 2050.

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