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Tornado Drill Preparedness

What you need to know

The purpose of a tornado drill is to ensure faculty, staff and students know what to do during an actual tornado event. It is important to know that tornadoes can happen anywhere and at any time, sometimes with little notice. What we do during that time is critical. Tornadoes can be short in duration but can pose a significant threat and cause an abundance of damage.

During the Storm

  • Be attentive to warnings and treat all weather threats seriously
  • Evacuate to the lowest level of the building, if time permits
  • Proceed to the tornado shelter location quickly and calmly
  • If outdoors, seek shelter in a sturdy building
  • Do not use elevators
  • Stay away from windows, glass or large open areas (e.g. gymnasium, cafeterias, etc…)
  • Monitor weather by using a radio, weather alert radio or local news

Additional information can be found on the UWEC tornado awareness page and this FEMA informational brochure.

Thank you for doing your part to help Blugolds stay safe!

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