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Tornado Awareness

Be ready, take precautions

A TORNADO WATCH means a tornado is possible in your area. When a watch is issued:

  • Listen to local radio and TV stations for further updates.
  • Be alert to changing weather conditions. Blowing debris or the sound of an approaching tornado may alert you. Many people say it sounds like a freight train.

A TORNADO WARNING means a tornado has been sighted and may be headed to your area. When a warning is issued:

  • If you are inside, go to the safe place you picked to protect yourself from glass and other flying objects. The tornado may be approaching your area. (See our information on tornado safe areas on campus.)
  • If you are outside, hurry to the basement of a nearby sturdy building or lie flat in a ditch or low-lying area.
  • If you are in a car or mobile home, get out immediately and head for safety (as above).

After the tornado passes:

  • Watch out for fallen power lines and stay out of the damaged area.
  • Listen to the radio (it may need to be battery powered) for information and instructions.
  • Use a flashlight to inspect your home for damage.

What to do during a campus tornado drill (and in an actual tornado)

The purpose of a tornado drill is to ensure that faculty, staff and students know what to do and where to go should a tornado or severe weather arise.

**To avoid disrupting classes, we do not recommend actual evacuations during a drill.**

Faculty who are teaching at the time of the drill are asked to announce the planned drill and read the following information:

What to do in the event of severe weather or tornado

  1. Evacuate to the lowest level of the building, if time permits.
  2. Go to an enclosed windowless area in the center of the building.
  3. Do not use elevators.
  4. Stay away from windows, glass or large open areas.
  5. Monitor weather by radio or weather alert radio.
  6. Stay in the sheltered area until the “all clear” is sounded.

If you have questions about what to do during severe weather or tornados when you're on campus, please contact Diane Hunter (715-836-3999,

Also see: Tornado Safe Areas


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