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Sustainable Office Certification Program

Recognize a culture of sustainability in your office

Our goal is to provide resources for all students, staff, and faculty to practice and preserve the campus environment and reduce the overall harmful impact on the environment through partnership with the community. We hope to eliminate this harmful impact by reducing UW Eau Claire’s carbon emissions. UW Eau Claire has successfully implemented strategies surrounding efficient energy use, minimizing greenhouse gas emissions and educating students, staff and faculty on sustainable transportation alternatives.

Sustainable Office Process

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Certified Offices

Be the first office to complete the Sustainable Office Certification Program!

Be the first office to complete the Gold Level!

University Centers- Received May 4th, 2022

Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning- Received May 5th, 2022

Blugold Center for High Performance Computing- Received May 10th, 2022

Communication Science and Disorders- Received April 27th, 2022

Information Systems-Received May 11th, 2022

Business Communication-Received May 11th, 2022

Public Health and Environmental Studies- Received May 11th, 2022

Affirmative Action- Received May 17th, 2022

The Graduate Assistants in the Administrative Office of Sustainability have established a Sustainable Office Certification Program. This certification program provides resources to enhance a culture of sustainability in your office. ​

There are three levels of this certification program: bronze, silver, and gold. There will be a checklist that accompanies each level before advancing to the next level. At the end of each level the office will be awarded a certificate to recognize their excellence in sustainability dependent upon a walk through with the Graduate Assistants. Once the office has completed the gold level checklist the office will be a certified Green Office. ​

There will be a renewal process every two years. 


Waste and Recycling Streams


Energy and Water Savings


Sustainable Purchasing

Green Office Certification

Complete Additional Steps at Each Level

How To Get Started

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Incentives for my Office
  • Joining a community of people who are committed to sustaining our campus​
  • Sustaining your office will not take up much time or money. Most of the items on the check list will save your office money ​
  • Recognition on the Administrative Office of Sustainability's webpage​
  • Certificate upon completion of each level
Time Commitment
  • Each presentation given from the Administrative Office of Sustainability will last no longer than 30 minutes.​
  • 2 week check in ​
  • We are here for you; we will offer our time as you ask of us!
Tools for Success
  • Presentation overview of certification program from the Administrative Office of Sustainability Graduate Assistants ​
  • Descriptive check lists for each level of the program noting what must be done to complete each level​
  • Two week check in with the Administrative Office of Sustainability Graduate Assistants to discuss progress and questions ​
  • Assistance and support from the Administrative Office of Sustainability 
Contact us

Email us if you're interested in participating in this program.​ We are available to answer any questions regarding the Sustainable Office Certification Program. We would love to hear your feedback! ​

Email the Sustainability Team

Additional Resources

Is this certification program for individual office or shared complex areas?

Some of the items on the checklist you will be able to complete in your individual offices and other items on the checklist will be completed through a collaborative effort with your team members and other offices who share your complex.

Is there a recommended time frame?

We suggest you complete each level within the academic calendar year. However, this is only a recommendation as it is a self paced program.



Ideas, Feedback or Questions?

Email the Sustainability Team

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