What Are Intramural Sports?

The Intramural Sports program provides a diverse array of activities for students, faculty, and staff to stay active, create memories, and build friendships through engagement with the university community. All skills levels are welcome.

Intramural sports promote individual and team play in league and tournament formats. Over 60 men’s, women’s co-rec, and open leagues are offered to students, faculty, and staff who wish to recreate in structured activities. Our staff will strive to further teamwork, respect, fun, and family.  Come as you are and EXPERIENCE Intramurals!

Structured league play will be offered in a block format with two blocks per semester, four blocks per year. One-day tournaments and special events will be interspersed throughout each semester. The format, offerings, and season length will vary depending upon the activity.

Registration + Payment Information 

To register for Intramural Sports at UWEC, visit and register for an account. You will be asked to log-in with your university credentials. All sport and event registrations occur through UWEC’s IMLeagues portal. Please enter all necessary information accurately. Registration periods for most activities will open on Thursdays at 10am and close the following Thursday at 12pm.


Mandatory captain’s meetings will be held the Sunday prior to the beginning of each block.   

All payments will now be done ONLINE at You will be prompted to pay during the registration process of your team. Payment must be entered before a team is successfully registered. Team fees will vary per activity. A valid Visa, Mastercard, or Discover credit card will be needed to complete payment.

Fall 2019 Registration Payments Captain's Meeting Play Begins
Block 1 September 5-12 Online September 15 On or after Sept. 16
Block 2 October 17-24 Online October 27 On or after Oct. 28
Tournaments Varies Free N/A Varies

Fall Semester 2019 Intramural Calendar

 Fall 2019 Intramural Calendar



Club Sports Staff

Bottom left to top right: Jessica Givens, Emily Mulberry, Kjerstin Carlson, Madeline Lapointe, Teagan Monfils, Erika VanderVoort, Brooke Harris, Mikayla Schultz, Deanna Borchert, Vince Jansen, Garrett Larson, Christopher Sealock, Austin Peterson, Alex Olson, Josh Mueller 


Please contact Competitive Sports Coordinator Garrett Larson at with questions or concerns. You can also stop by the Recreation and Sport Operations Office in the Hilltop Center; Room 105 to speak with a staff member.


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