Coach Bus Services


Mass encumbrance orders are established every year for coach bus services. The vendor for coach bus services is Kobussen Buses Ltd. The mass encumbrance order for FY16 is:

  • Kobussen Buses Ltd.  60001

You may use this purchase order number for coach bus services throughout the entire fiscal year.  The numbers change July 1 of each new fiscal year.

When a department contracts for coach bus services, the following procedures are to be followed:

  • Departments are to make their own arrangements.
  • Once arrangements have been made, the department must fill out a purchase requisition with the trip information and cost.
  • The purchase requisition is then sent over to Purchasing. Purchasing will fax it to the vendor. A copy will be given to Accounts Payable to pay invoices.

Contact for Kobussen Buses Ltd. is Charlene Ferraro, 715-568-4235 Ext 11 or toll free 800-283-4234, Fax 715-568-4239, e-mail

Pat Mulchay from Kobussen can also assist you with school bus transportation.  His contact information is his cell phone at 715-533-0227 or e-mail at

There is also a UW-Madison Contract #16-5196 for coach bus service in place which you may use if Kobussen is unavailable for your needs. Those suppliers are Jones Travel, Badger Coaches and Lamer's Bus Line.

Contact for Lamer's Bus Lines Inc. is Diane Melville, 800-472-4868 Ext 10230, fax 715-423-3555, e-mail

If you have any questions regarding this process, contact Carley Kukuk, 836-5171,

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