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Warren Gallagher, Ph.D.

Warren Gallagher
  • Professor
  • Chemistry and Biochemistry

Recent Publications:

  • DiSpirito, A. A., Semrau, J. D., Murrell, J. C., Gallagher, W. H., Dennison, C., and Vuilleumier, S. (2016) Methanobactin and the Link between Copper and Bacterial Methane Oxidation. Microbiology and Molecular Biology Reviews 80, 387-409.
  • Bandow, N., Gilles, V. S., Freesmeier, B. C., Semrau, J. D., Krentz, B. D., Gallagher, W. H., McEllistrem, M. T., Hartsel, S. C., Choi, D. W., Hargrove, M. S., Swanson, T. M., Chesner, L. N., Baunreiter, K. M., Cao, B. V., Gavitt, M. M., Hoopes, J. A., Johnson, J. M., Polster, E. M., Schoenick, B. D., Unlauf, A. M., and DiSpirito, A. A. (2012) ""Spectral and Copper Binding Properties of Methanobactin from the Facultative Methanotroph Methylocystis strain SB2"", Journal of Inorganic Biochemistry 110, 72-82.
  • Bandow, N. L., Gallagher, W. H., Behling, L., Choi, D. W., Semrau, J. D., Hartsel, S. C., Gilles, V. S., and Dispirito, A. A. (2011) ""Isolation of methanobactin from the spent media of methane-oxidizing bacteria"", Methods in Enzymology 495, 259-69.
  • Krentz, B. D., Mulheron, H. J., Semrau, J. D., Di Spirito, A. A., Bandow, N. L., Haft, D. H., Vuilleumier, S., Murrell, J. C., McEllistrem, M. T., Hartsel, S. C., and Gallagher, W. H. (2010) ""A Comparison of Methanobactins from Methylosinus trichosporium OB3b and Methylocystis Strain SB2 Predicts Methanobactins Are Synthesized from Diverse Peptide Precursors Modified To Create a Common Core for Binding and Reducing Copper Ions"", Biochemistry 49, 10117-10130.
  • Choi, D. W., Bandow, N. L., McEllistrem, M. T., Semrau, J. D., Antholine, W. E., Hartsel, S. C., Gallagher, W., Zea, C. J., Pohl, N. L., Zahn, J. A., and DiSpirito, A. A. (2010) ""Spectral and thermodynamic properties of methanobactin from ?-proteobacterial methane oxidizing bacteria: a case for copper competition on a molecular level"", Journal of Inorganic Biochemistry 104, 1240-1247.
  • Behling, Lee A., Hartsel, Scott C., Leis, David E., DiSpirito, Alan A., Choi, Dong-W., Masterson, Larry R., Veglia, Gianluigi, and Gallagher, Warren H. (2008) ""NMR, Mass Spectrometry and Chemical Evidence Reveal a Different Chemical Structure for Methanobactin That Contains Oxazolone Rings."" J. Amer. Chem. Soc. Communications 130, 12604-12605 (The article was featured as a News of the Week feature in C&E News, Sept. 8, 2008)

Teaching Interests
  • General chemistry
  • Biochemistry
  • Biophysical chemistry
Research and Creative Activities
  • Biophysical studies of the structures and functions of naturally occurring peptides and peptide-derived molecules 
  • Ph.D., University of Pittsburgh (Biophysics)
  • A.B., Albion College (Chemistry, Biology)