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Kim Pierson

Kim Pierson
  • Professor
  • Physics and Astronomy

My research interests are classed under the broad topic of surface science. They involve both fundamental research and the development of applied technologies. All of the projects involve undergraduate student collaborators.

At present I am involved in two projects.

One project has been funded by the "Materials Research Society". It involves determining the conditions under which long finger-like structures form on the surface of Ag/Cu alloys during ion bombardment. Our results are important to those involved in surface characterization of alloys.

The other project involves large aspect ratio interconnect metallization. In this project we are taking advantage of the unique properties of our ion source. The goal is to develop a sputtering technique to fill the deep trenches used as interconnects between devices on integrated circuits.

We are also processing Transmission Electron Microscopy samples for a local semiconductor company.

Students are involved in these projects at all levels of sophistication and receive course credits or hourly pay for their work. In addition, during the last few years we have presented our work at the National Conference on Undergraduate Research, local and national meetings of the American Vacuum Society, American Physical Society March Meeting, other midwest university conferences and the annual UWEC Student Research Day.

Teaching Interests
  • Research Interests Renewable Energy
  • Electronics
  • Computer Interfacing
  • Robotics
  • Ph.D., University of Delaware (Physics)
  • M.S., University of Delaware (Physics)
  • B.S., Eastern Illinois University (Physics)
  •  Certified LabVIEW Associate Developer