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Chip Eckardt (he or they)

Chip Eckhardt
  • Senior Information Processing Consultant
  • Manager of Learning Spaces and Process Improvement
  • Learning and Technology Services


I started working for UW-Eau Claire in 1989 managing what was then called the administrative B-20 support area. In the early 90s I became the manager of the newly formed support group called Desktop Computing.

This group's mission was to support all faculty and staff desktops/laptops including software support, automated imaging, security management, research, and hardware repair. We migrated users from B-20s and Windows 3.x to WindowsNT 3.51 in the "early days".

In the summer of 2005 I was named UW-Eau Claire's Chief Information Officer. I served in that role until December of 2019. I was elected as University Senate Vice-Chair in late 2019. Currently I manage Continuous Improvement Services, High Performance Computing, Learning Spaces, DE, Video and Sound.

Interests include photography, kayaking, high performance computing, various shooting disciplines; F-Class, Trap, Bullseye, Free Pistol, 10 meter air pistol. I have advanced SCUBA certifications and a private pilot license, none of which I use any more. I am also interested in ham radio KD9OQI.


If you would like an example of my humor; please click on my People Page.  If you look at the "sculpture" picture in the bottom left, you will see something that is not there today.  When it was installed, I thought it looked rather silly, more like the kid's toy, where you shoot and catch ping pong balls.  I went to a local store and bought a kick ball and spent a lot of time getting the silver color to match up before I put it in there.  It lasted three years before anyone figured it out.  Enjoy your life, it is the only one you get.