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Stay Safe 360

University Police

"Stay Safe at College" was developed specifically with students in mind. Both innovative and compelling, it provides a one-stop source for understanding how crimes are perpetrated, coupled with crime prevention and avoidance techniques. Please take a moment to view each video below.

Intro to 360° Stay Safe™ videos

Chapter 1 Protect your Possessions and Identity
The most frequent crimes are crimes of opportunity. These common-sense steps can be used to guard your personal belongings and, very importantly, your identity.
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Chapter 2 Student Assaults
In 90% of sexual assault cases, the victim knows the attacker. A heightened sense of awareness and knowing how to be more proactive can prevent a serious attack.
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CHAPTER 3 Controlling Behavior
Know how to recognize the signs of an unhealthy relationship? Have a strategy for getting out of one? Learn how to deal with emotional abuse and other unhealthy behavior.
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Chapter 4 Stalking
Learn simple, effective guidelines to help prevent unwanted attention from others looking to do harm, including public embarrassment, predatory stalking and more.
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Chapter 5 Everyday Safety
Some dangerous situations are more obvious than others. This section provides easy-to-remember strategies to deal with the everyday situations we often overlook.
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Chapter 6 Common-Sense Defense
If the unthinkable happens, would you know how to fight back? If gunshots rang out, would you know what to do? You will after watching these simple, memorable instructions and techniques.
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Chapter 7 Safe Travel
Holiday travel, spring break, summer vacations - they can all place a distracted and vulnerable young adult in a risky situation. Learn these smart tips.
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