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University Police

In 1995, the University of Wisconsin Eau Claire installed Emergency Phones to enhance the safety of all students, staff, and visitors. The phones were placed in strategic areas to assist persons in need of emergency assistance. Currently, there are 20 Emergency Phones in various areas of campus, including parking lots, exteriors of buildings, along sidewalks, and near athletic fields.

These Emergency Phones are identifiable as blue colored poles with “Emergency” in white lettering along the sides. Once activated by pushing the red button, a blue strobe light will activate on the top of the pole and the caller will be able to speak directly with the Eau Claire County 911 Communications Center. UW-Eau Claire Police Officers will then be sent to the area to assist the caller.

WARNING: These telephones are for EMERGENCY USE ONLY. Any unlawful activation of the telephone system will result in a fine and/or jail.

  Emergency Phone Map