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Wisys Quick Pitch

Creativity and Innovation

All UW-Eau Claire students are eligible to showcase their creative and innovative spirit by presenting their research findings and/or original ideas through a short ‘quick pitch’ to a panel of judges.

The 2021 WiSys Quick Pitch will take place virtually on Wednesday, April 7 from 4:30-6:30 pm. 

WiSys will host an online training workshop prior to the competition for students to learn how to present their idea in a way that anyone can understand in less than three minutes. Students will also learn the importance of being able to present in non-confidential terms and to avoid disclosing patentable or proprietary ideas.

The WiSys Quick Pitch Competition aims to encourage innovative and entrepreneurial thinking at UW comprehensive campuses. Participating students are empowered to consider the impact of the research they are currently undertaking or other innovative ideas they may have and how such ideas could ultimately benefit the local economy (e.g. development of a new product, technology, or service) and/or society (e.g. changes in public policy and/or benefits to the environment).

Besides cash prizes for winning teams in Science & Technology and Social Sciences & Humanities (including education, arts, and business), students learn to communicate their findings in an accessible way, sharpening important communication and presentation skills.

Register online by March 5 through the CERCA application, or for those not presenting at CERCA by March 12 here. Further information is also available on the WiSys Quick Pitch website.

Click to read news story of UWEC's WiSys Quick Pitch state champion, Carl Fossum.

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