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International Student-Faculty Research

This research program is intended to facilitate undergraduate research, scholarship, and creative activities in an international setting.

The ideal project would involve a student in as many aspects of the scholarly process as possible. This will look different in each discipline, but might include:

• Identification of a question, problem, or creative scholarly goal
• Development of a process or approach to answer, solve, or achieve it
• Carrying out the project
• Reporting on the project

The project should be tailored appropriately by the mentor to match the developmental level of the student. As a condition of the grant, students will be expected to present their results at the annual UW-Eau Claire Celebration of Excellence in Research and Creative Activity (CERCA) or the UW System Symposium. Students are also encouraged to present findings at professional conferences or meetings in their disciplines or at the National Conference on Undergraduate Research (NCUR); travel funds for this purpose are available through the Student Travel for Presentation of Research Results program. In addition, it is not uncommon for a student to contribute to or co-author a manuscript for publication that results from their work. If the scholarly work will be ongoing, faculty are encouraged to use the results to provide baseline data for inclusion in proposals to extramural funding agencies.


Faculty collaborating with undergraduate researchers will be responsible for overseeing all aspects of the grant award. Applicants may request funds for research travel costs, supplies, services, student scholarships, and faculty stipends. Awards will not exceed $10,000, funds awarded from this grant may be applied to research travel costs, supplies, services, and student scholarships and funds from the International Fellows Program (IFP) may supplement and also cover faculty stipends.


Faculty, academic staff, and students (undergraduate or graduate) engaged in research or other scholarly activities in all disciplines are encouraged to apply. Faculty and academic staff with .5 FTE or greater appointments are eligible.

Application Process:

Apply via the International Fellows Program application form.

Deadline for Application:

See the International Fellows Program Application page for deadlines.

Proposal Evaluation:

In this initial round of the Larson International Student-Faculty Research Fund, proposals will be reviewed by the committee that reviews the International Fellows Program proposals. 

Please note the following restrictions on these grant funds:

  1. This award is contingent upon the receipt and acceptance of any outstanding final reports due from previously awarded internal or extramural grants.
  2. If this award is contingent upon approval by the University’s Institutional Review Board, if pertinent, and funds will not be released until ORSP has the approved IRB protocol number on file.
  3. Students must be currently enrolled at UW-Eau Claire during the experience abroad for students to be eligible.
  4. If you anticipate having any unexpended funds, you should notify ORSP so that the funds may be used to assist other faculty and students with their international research projects.
  5. It is expected that the budget is accurate as noted in the proposal. Once monies have been awarded, no new funds will be awarded for the same project due to inaccurate cost estimates.
  6. Publications or presentations resulting from work funded by this grant program should acknowledge that support for the project came from the Vicki Lord Larson and James R. Larson International Student-Faculty Research Fund

Please note the following requirements on grant funds:

  1. Funding recipients are expected to present their research or creative activity outcomes at UW-Eau Claire Celebration of Excellence in Research and Creative Activity (CERCA) and/or UW System Symposium. Students are also encouraged to present their results at other discipline-specific research venues.
  2.  Participants are expected to complete the materials in the online Studio Abroad system, as well as pay a $30 application fee to the program. Participants will be enrolled in the system upon receipt of this award letter and notified via email with instructions.
  3. All UW-Eau Claire faculty, staff, and student participants must be enrolled in the UW system-mandated international health insurance. You and your students will be enrolled in the insurance by ORSP staff and the coverage will be paid by ORSP. Each month of coverage costs $34 per participant.
  4. The faculty/staff mentor must complete the Travel Information Form to provide an in-country address and phone for emergency contact purposes, and notify ORSP of any changes in travel dates.
  5. It is expected that you will not withdraw from your commitment to the International Fellows Program except in an emergency. If you cannot fulfill the requirements of the grant, you must notify ORSP immediately. You will be responsible for returning all funds.
  6. Faculty must be on-site with students during the entire duration of the project.
  7. Faculty must meet with student researchers at least one time before departure to provide information on the country, health and safety, money and budgeting, cultural adjustments, and details of the research project. In addition, students are required to attend a mandatory orientation for all faculty-led immersion participants.
  8. ORSP will enroll all faculty, staff, and student participants in the U.S. State Department Travel Registration system:
  9. Faculty should meet with the ASK Center regarding proper procedures for paying international airfare, in-country travel, and lodging costs.
  10. Faculty are expected to track expenditures carefully and return any unused funds to the program.
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