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Research Collaboration with Mayo Clinic

To support and stimulate research collaboration with Mayo Clinic, Chancellor Emerita Vicki Lord Larson has set up a fund to support projects promoting such collaboration, typically focused on improving patient outcomes through generating new knowledge.  The fund is expected to enhance professional experiences and exposures of UW-Eau Claire faculty and provide meaningful scholarly experiences for students, resulting in scholarly dissemination through professional presentations and/or peer-reviewed publication.


A student scholarship of up to $2,000 and reassigned faculty instructional time for the equivalent of one 3-credit course or summer stipend. The applicant may also request up to $3,000 in research supplies; an itemized justification of the request must be provided. 


UW-Eau Claire faculty may propose a project that involves a Mayo Clinic collaborator and at least one student researcher.  The project may be new or may already be in progress.  

  • UW-Eau Claire faculty
  • Collaborator from Mayo Clinic identified
  • Student researcher identified or qualifications for student researcher established 

Deadline for Application: to ORSP January 9, 2023

Applicants are encouraged to touch base with ORSP prior to application.

Application Process/Writing Guide:

The Vicki Lord Larson and James R. Larson Mayo Collaborative Research Grant application is processed in BP Logix. Please visit the Using eForms and BP Logix page for a detailed explanation of the eForm system. The application should include the following.

  • Narrative (3-4 pages)
    • Name/title of Mayo Collaborator
    • Description of the research project goal(s), context and significance, and plan, including roles of each member of the collaborating team, including the student
    • Timeline
    • Plan for mentoring the student researcher
    • Plan for dissemination of results
  • Professional vita
  • Evidence of Mayo's approval of the collaboration

Please ask your chair to add documentation to the application indicating support for the project and to include a plan for covering courses and the expected cost.



2020 Award Winner

“Identification of the molecular nature of spinner, a zebrafish gene involved in kidney cyst formation using genome editing”

Faculty: Dr. Jamie Lyman Gingerich, Biology

Student Collaborator: Megan Schleusner 

Mayo Collaborator: Dr. Caroline R. Sussman

2019 Award Winner

“Registered Nurse Integrative Therapy Attitudes (RNITA) Research Project ”

Faculty: Dr. Arin Van Wormer, Nursing 

Student Collaborator: Roxanne Cordova

Mayo Collaborator: Kelly Buchholtz 


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