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Student Opportunity Center

a National Database of Research-related opportunities

Find conferences, summer research opportunities, internships, journals to publish in, and funding possibilities.  Includes local and regional opportunities as well.

How to Access Student Opportunity Center
  • Go to
  • Sign up or Log in (upper right corner), set up password
  • Once in, first select “Interests” in the menu on the left.  “Add” any subject areas you would like to know about opportunities in.
  • Return to “Home” and you will now see two opportunities selected for each of your “Interests.”
  • If you want to see more opportunities in your area, type your interest area into the search bar on the top left of the white part of the page.
  • You can narrow the search by selecting “categories” of opportunities from the menu on the left.
    On each opportunity, you can mark it as a favorite (with the heart in the lower left) and it will appear in a favorites list on the menu to the left.
  • Other options are “applied” and “participated.”  These are tracked at the link called “Participation” on the menu to the left.  By using these features you also help UW-Eau Claire know whether this system is useful.
  • To find more local opportunities, on the Search page select “My Community” in the upper left.  This will show you opportunities not in the database that UW-Eau Claire uploaded.  You can also get there by clicking on “Community” at the top of the home page.
  • The database sometimes has errors in the update of individual opportunities, so be sure to use the actual website of the opportunity to base any planning or applications on.
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