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Collaborative research with Mayo Clinic

To support and stimulate research collaboration with Mayo Clinic, Chancellor Emerita Vicki Lord Larson has set up a fund to support projects that will promote such collaboration, typically focused on improving patient outcomes through generating new knowledge. The fund is expected to enhance professional experience and exposure of UW-Eau Claire faculty and provide meaningful scholarly experiences for students, resulting in scholarly dissemination through professional presentations and/or peer-reviewed publication.


UW-Eau Claire faculty may propose a project that involves a Mayo Clinic collaborator and at least one student researcher.  The project may be new, or may already be in progress.  Funds are available to provide a student scholarship of up to $2000 and to support reassigned faculty instructional time for the equivalent of one 3-credit course during the academic year.  Summer or Winterim salary may be a possible alternative, but projects with reassigned time will receive preference.


  • UW-Eau Claire faculty 
  • Collaborator from Mayo Clinic identified
  • Mayo Research Affiliate status in place or application intended or in process (contact ORSP for information on this process)
  • Student researcher identified, or qualifications for student researcher established

Writing Guide

Submit a proposal to This should include:

  • Narrative (3-4 pages)
    • Name/title of Mayo Collaborator
    • Description of the research project goal(s), context and significance, and plan, including roles of each member of the collaborating team, including the student
    • Timeline
    • Plan for mentoring the student researcher
    • Plan for dissemination of results
  • Professional vita
  • Evidence of Mayo approval of the collaboration

Please ask your chair to submit an email indicating support for the project and to include a plan for covering courses and expected cost.

Deadline for Application

Proposal is due to ORSP March 2, 2022; applicants are encouraged to touch base with ORSP prior to application.

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