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Kell Container Corporation Scholarship

For Student-Faculty Collaborative Research

The Kell Container Corporation Scholarship for Student-Faculty Collaborative Research was created and is endowed through the generosity of Kell Container Corporation of Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin, in order to offer a premier award for an undergraduate student who is involved in student-faculty research collaboration at UW-Eau Claire. The $2,500 scholarship will be supplemented by a student stipend and project expense funds. The faculty mentor will receive a summer stipend during the project period.

2019 Winner



Emily Finger, working with mentors Sarah Vitale and Brian Mahoney.
Emily is working on a regional analysis of groundwater quality in Western Wisconsin to discover sources of Phosphorous in the water and how it moves through aquifers.

2018 Winner

The 2018 Kell Scholar is Allison Welter who is working with Dr. Derek Gingerich. Allie studies the genetics of plant sensitivity to light in hopes of eventual development of plants with more shade tolerance in the face of a growing and hungry world population.

Scholarship recipient Allison Welter (middle) with mentor Derek Gingerich and Provost Kleine.

Scholarship recipient Allison Welter (middle) with mentor Derek Gingerich and Provost Kleine.


The Kell Corporation Honorable Mention was awarded to Eryn Mares who is working with Dr. Dan Herman. Erin is working on analysis of two Staphylococcus bacteria that are not usually found in humans, in the nasal mucus of inhabitants and medical staff of Loja, Ecuador.

Honorable Mention Eryn Mares (middle) with mentor Dan Herman and Provost Kleine.

Honorable Mention Eryn Mares (middle) with mentor Dan Herman and Provost Kleine.



*Please note the dollar amount has changed due to COVID-19*

Eligibility Criteria:

The recipient will be an undergraduate student with junior or senior standing at UW-Eau Claire during the award period. The recipient will have conducted outstanding collaborative research or demonstrated the potential for outstanding undergraduate research. Students from all disciplines may apply.

Application Process:  

Working with the Faculty Mentor
Before beginning the application, the student should consult with their faculty mentor for advice in writing the proposal.

Before beginning the application, the student should notify their faculty mentor to expect two emails from "Gold for Blugolds Scholarship Network" or "". The first email requests a letter of recommendation for the student. The second email requests the faculty mentor's CV. The student's name will appear in the subject line of the emails. The mentor uploads these confidential documents directly online; they do not print and mail their documents. 

Preparing the Proposal
Faculty mentors are strongly encouraged to mentor students in proposal-writing. For students, the Center for Writing Excellence, located on the second floors of Centennial Hall and McIntyre Library, can help at any stage of the writing process, from brainstorming and outlining to organizing arguments and polishing claims.

Before you begin the application, prepare the following information:

  • Research Project Title
  • Expected Graduation Date
  • Research Project Abstract (150 word maximum): A brief summary of the project. For more information on writing abstracts, refer to the ORSP Abstract Writing Guide.
  • Faculty Mentor Letter of Recommendation: The student enters the faculty mentor's name and email address on the application. When the student saves the application or clicks Next, the system sends an email request to the faculty mentor for the letter of recommendation.
  • Faculty Mentor CV: The student enters the faculty mentor's name and email address on the application. When the student saves the application or clicks Next, the system sends an email request to the faculty mentor for the faculty mentor's CV.
  • Unofficial Transcript (PDF document): To download an unofficial transcript, refer to the instructions on the LTS website.
  • Student Resume (Word or PDF document): Include previous research projects and achievements.
  • Statement of Financial Need (optional)
  • Research Project Proposal Narrative (Word or PDF document): The narrative is a plan for the proposed collaborative research to be accomplished during the award period. It should be written for an audience of non-specialists in the area of study. The narrative should be no more than 5 pages (excluding the list of literature cited), have a minimum of 1 inch margins on all sides, be in Times New Roman, 12 point font and double spaced. It should include clear statements of the:
    • Objectives
    • Project description and its relationship to the state of knowledge in the field
    • Significance of the proposed project
    • Nature and extent of student involvement
    • Plan for disseminating the results
    • List of literature cited

Accessing the Application
Students apply for this award directly, with assistance from their faculty/staff research mentor. To start an application for the Kell Container Corporation Scholarship:

  1. Go to the Gold for Blugolds Scholarship Network.
  2. Login using your UWEC username and password.
  3. From the My Tasks list, select the Student Research Scholarship Application, and click Start Application. 

Note that the application process is the same for the Kell Container Corporation Scholarship and the James R. Larson and Vicki Lord Larson Undergraduate Research Fellowship.

Application Deadline:

Proposals are due to the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs by March 30, 2021.

Selection Procedure:

This scholarship will be administered by the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs under the direction of the Assistant Vice Chancellor for Research. The selection committee will consist of faculty members with representation from each college represented in the applicant pool. This committee will select the recipient on a best qualified basis and in accordance with donor guidelines established by the UW-Eau Claire Foundation. Preference will be given to projects that demonstrate student initiative and originality of student thought. Student financial status may be used as a factor in order to break a tie.The scholarship recipient will be notified prior to the end of the spring semester, and the scholarship will be awarded for the next academic year.

Reporting Requirements:

The Kell Container Corporation Scholarship recipient will provide a report by the end of the Fall semester indicating progress made on the proposed collaborative research. Positive review of this report will serve as the basis for continued scholarship support during the Spring semester. The recipient will also be expected to participate in the annual UW-Eau Claire Celebration of Excellence in Research and Creative Activity.

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