Authors Celebration

Bringing scholarly work to publication

University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire faculty and staff are deeply involved in scholarship. Despite heavy demands in teaching, advising, and service within and beyond the university, they persist in scholarly engagement, often involving students along the way.

In 2006, UW-Eau Claire began an event called the Authors Celebration to highlight a few recent successes in bringing scholarly work to publication or performance. The publications shown here are from Authors Celebration events and represent only a fraction of publications by UW-Eau Claire faculty and staff. To see a more complete listing of UW-Eau Claire faculty, staff, and student publications, please see the Report on Publications.

2018 Featured Authors

Authors Celebration Posters:

Oh, Seungbin
Accounting and Finance

Kim, Hyungjoo
Art + Design

Lee, Tali

Wiegel, Kurt

Mueller, Kathryn
Communication Sciences and Disorders

Hart-Brinson, Peter
Communication and Journalism and Sociology

Hardt, Ryan
Computer Science

Kemp, Thomas

Kolis, Mickey
Educational Studies

Reid, Robert
Educational Studies

Benson, Erica

Pace, Joel

Weichelt, Ryan
Geography and Anthropology

Vitale, Sarah

Oberly, James

Zhang, Ruidong
Information Systems

Oh, Yoonsin

Hlas, Anne

Kishel, Hans
McIntyre Library

Dong, Longzhu
Management and Marketing

Ying, Ma
Material Science

Brisbin, Abra

Penkava, Michael

Gebrian, Molly
Music and Theatre Arts

Alasagheirin, Mohammah

Fink, Steven
Philosophy and Religious Studies

Whitfield, Scott
Physics and Astronomy

Myers, Peter
Political Science

Muehlenkemp, Jennifer

Mumford, Karen
Watershed Institute

Borges, Sandibel
Women's Studies

  • David Lewis
    Chemistry, Excellence in Scholarship Awardee
  • Dawna Drum
    Accounting and Finance
  • Rhetta Standifer
    Management and Marketing
  • Rose Battalio
    Special Education
  • Angela Dalhoe
    Special Education
  • Karen Mumford
    Watershed Institute for Collaborative
    Environmental Studies
  • Laura Suppes
    Watershed Institute for Collaborative
    Environmental Studies

Past Authors Celebration Featured Authors

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