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Bringing scholarly work to publication

University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire faculty and staff are deeply involved in scholarly research and creative activity. Despite heavy demands in teaching, advising, and service within and beyond the university, they persist in scholarly engagement, often involving students along the way.

In 2006, UW-Eau Claire began an event called the Authors Celebration to highlight recent successes in bringing scholarly work to publication or performance. In 2021, we renamed the event the Celebration of Scholarship. The publications shown here represent only a fraction of UW-Eau Claire faculty and staff publications. To see a more complete listing of UW-Eau Claire faculty, staff, and student publications, please see the Report on Publications and Other Scholarly Activity.

2022 Celebration of Scholarship

Joshua Brown's Speech from Celebration of Scholarship Event 

Joshua Brown is a Professor of German and Linguistics and the Languages University Excellence in Scholarship Recipient for 2022 

2022 Celebrated Authors 

Ezgi Akar, Accounting and Finance 

Jidong Zhang, Accounting and Finance 

Patti See, Advising, Retention & Career Services 

Karen O'Day, Art & Design 

Nora Mitchell, Biology 

Deidra Gerlach, Chemistry & Biochemistry 

Charlotte Clark, Communication Sciences & Disorders 

Rahul Gomes, Computer Science

Wayne Carroll, Economics 

Kyle Whipple & Kirstin Rossi, Education for Equity & Justice 

Jose Felipe Alvergue, English 

Dorothy Chan, English 

Gloria Howerton, Geography & Anthropology 

Aziz Akar, Information Systems 

Ali Ahmed, Information Systems 

Jeffrey Janot & Nick Beltz, Kinesiology

Paul Hoff, Languages 

Kranti Dugar & Jennine Fox, Management & Marketing 

Matt Jewell, Materials Science & Biomedical Engineering 

Melissa Troudt, Mathematics 

Allison Beemer, Mathematics 

Liliana LaValle & Robin Miller, McIntyre Library 

Ryan Jones, Music & Theatre Arts 

Lorraine Smith, Nursing 

Theresa Dachel & Dalete Mota, Nursing 

Lyle Ford, Physics & Astronomy 

Ming-Li Hsieh, Political Science/Criminal Justice 

Douglas Matthews, Psychology 

Laura Suppes, Public Health & Environmental Studies 

Josephine Kipgen & Saatvika Rai, Race, Ethnicity, Gender & Sexuality Studies

Jamie Tester, Social Work 

Kati Barahona-Lopez, Sociology 

Karsten Powell, Kirstin Rossi & Rosemary Battalio, Special Education & Inclusive Practices

2021 Celebration of Scholarship

Due to the restrictions of COVID-19 safety precautions, there was no physical 2020 Authors Celebration held. Since our ability to acknowledge the strong work of our faculty was dampened, Provost Patricia Kleine enhanced the 2021 Authors Celebration, combining authors from 2019 - 2020 and 2020 - 2021. Two other groups were honored at this new, in-person Celebration of Scholarship event as well in 2021 -- faculty who completed sabbaticals in 2019 - 2021 and our Excellence in Scholarship award winners for 2020 & 2021.  Below, you can see posters from all of our honorees.

2020 Celebrated Authors

Michael Carney, Academic Affairs

Hyoseok Hwang, Accounting & Finance

Yom Bui, Accounting & Finance

Nora Mitchell, Biology

Bart Dahl, Chemistry

David Soll, Collaborative Environmental Studies/Watershed Institute

Bryan Brown, Communication Science Disorders

David Schaffer, Economics

Jerry Worley & Logan Roshell, Education Studies & Government (Elk Mound High School)

Kaia Simon, English

Jonathan Rylander, English

Dorothy Chan, English

Kong Pheng Pha, Gender, Sexuality, & Critical Hmong Studies Program

Kent Syverson, Geography & Anthropology

Matthew Haffner, Geography & Anthropology

Yu-Lun Huang, Kinesiology

Heather Ann Moody, Languages/American Indian Studies

Roxanne Backowski, Library

Jeremy Miner, ORSP Grants, and Contracts

Jarrod Hyam, Philosophy & Religious Studies

Justin Patchin, Political Science

David Jewett, Psychology

2021 Celebrated Authors

Jyl Kelley, Art & Design
Patricia Cleary, Chemistry & Biochemistry
Karen Morris, Communication & Journalism
Lesley Mayne, Communication Science Disorders
Rushit Dave, Materials Science & Biomedical Engineering
Eric Jamelske & Won Jang, Economics/Communication & Journalism
Kyle Whipple, Education Studies
Matt Seymour, English
Ezra Zeitler & Ryan Weicheltt, Geography & Anthropology
J. Brian Mahoney, Geology
Cheryl Jimenez Frei, History
Tara Putnam, Kinesiology
Wendy Makoons Geniusz, Languages
Jennifer Johs-Artisensi, Management & Marketing
Michael Walsh, Materials Science & Biomedical Engineering
Silviana Amethyst, Mathematics
Laura Dunbar, Music & Theatre Arts
Sean McAleer, Philosophy & Religious Studies
Nathan Miller, Physics & Astronomy
Damir Kovacevic, Political Science
Christine Vriesema, Psychology
David Sparkman, Psychology
Jason Spraitz, Sociology & Criminal Justice
Mia Gilliam, Sociology & Criminal Justice
Pamela J. Forman, Sociology
Roderick Jones & Angela Passero Jones, Special Education & Inclusive Practices
Debra Barker, American Indian Studies
Marcy Orwig, Business Communication
Jill Markgraf & Dan Hillis Library Systems
Crispin Pierce, Watershed Institute


2019 - 2020 Sabbatical Recipients

Ari Anand, Geography & Anthropology
Sudeep Bhattacharyay, Chemistry
Gary Don, Music & Theatre Arts
Wendy Makoons Geniusz, Languages
Tali Lee, Biology


2020 - 2021 Sabbatical Recipients

Saori Braun, Kinesiology
Wayne Carroll, Economics
Patricia Cleary, Chemistry & Biochemistry
Christopher Davis, Mathematics
Jerry Hoepner, Communication Science Disorders
Jennifer Johs-Artisensi, Management & Marketing
Carolyn Otto, Mathematics
Ryan Weichelt, Geography & Anthropology
Vicki Whitledge Mathematics
Cyril Wilson, Geography & Anthropology

Excellence in Scholarship Winners

2020 - Scott Swanson, Management & Marketing
2021 - Sanchita Hati, Chemistry & Biochemistry


Past Celebration of Scholarship (formerly Authors Celebration)

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