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Register for Classes

Check Program Information Before you Register

Some online programs, for example the CSD Post-baccalaureate and the MSDS programs require you to get departmental permission for some or all courses.  Check your program website before you begin.

To Register for Courses

  1. Launch CampS.
  2. Login using your university username and password.
  3. Click Self Service 
  4. Click Student Center
  5. Find your Enrollment Appointment
    • Each students is assigned specific enrollment appointment by date and time. You will be able to register no earlier than that appointment date. Graduate students and other post-baccalaureate students will have the earliest appointments, followed by students pursuing their first undergraduate degree, and finally special students.
  6. Check for Holds that may prevent or delay your registration
    • The most common Hold is for the PPA (Payment Plan Agreement) -- a legal document that the University is required to maintain. Each student is required to sign this electronic form every semester before being able to register. Access the Payment Plan Agreement under “Self Service”.

      If you owe money to the University, you may also find Financial Holds. Select "details" for specific information on any hold on your account.
  7. Select and Register for Classes
    • Registering for classes is similar to purchasing items online. You'll select and place your classes in your Shopping Cart, then complete your "purchase" by Enrolling. As an online student, you may disregard the section on PAC codes, and with few exceptions you may disregard the section on Changing Grading and Units and Validating your Schedule.
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