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CWE Takes on MWCA

| Lauren Brooks

This past March, I attended a conference hosted by the Midwest Writing Center Association in Omaha, Nebraska and, wow, was it exciting! Along with me for the ride were Graduate Assistants Zachary Peterson, Charlotte Kupsh, and Logan Frodl, Assistant Director Andrew Suralski, and Director Jonathan Rylander.

Fellow Writing Assistant Caroline Morris and I created a presentation titled “Curricular Boundaries: What Living Learning Communities (LLCs) and Social Justice Clubs Can Offer Writing Centers.” Together, we examined how conversations surrounding topics of social justice manifest themselves in LLCs and social justice clubs in comparison to the environment of the writing center. Through our research, we were able to identify critical differences and proposed possible implications to advance a more inclusive and activist future in our own writing center.

Besides by own research, I attended presentations by other students and faculty from across the Midwest. This truly opened my eyes not only to how other writing centers operate, but also to how expansive writing center research is. This conference, while highlighting writing centers, continuously showed me how social justice displays itself in my life and the steps I can personally take to help to meaningfully advocate for issues of difference on and off campus.